With so many concrete roof tile manufacturers to choose from, you may be wondering what makes Eagle Roofing Products’ concrete roof tiles different from the rest. Let’s find out!

Eagle’s flat concrete roof tiles are designed with a deeper and thicker water channel than competing tiles. A more substantial water channel ensures rain water properly flows down the roofline and concerns of breakage within this area of the tile are greatly reduced. This particular profile is also made with one continuous projecting anchor lug on the back, which gives it a more secure placement on the roof batten when installed. It can also reduce the chance of slippage and result in a speedier installation than that of the competition. Not to mention, Eagle never discontinues a tile mold, so the tile on your home will never become obsolete.

In addition, the company’s vast array of shapes and colors available makes finding a tile that meets your architectural needs that much easier. Various profiles emulating natural slate, wood shakes and clay can match any architectural style required for either residential or commercial projects. The colors available range from light to dark, muted to pigmented, monochromatic to blends, making coordinating with existing exterior color schemes a breeze.

All tiles manufactured by Eagle are made of natural ingredients and are fully recyclable. They also possess inherent reflective properties that allow the tiles to reflect sunlight and release heat for greater energy efficiency, instead of absorbing it and transferring it from the roof deck and into the structure. As for the testing of the tile, they are tested to the highest of industry standards, resisting the harshest of weather conditions and known to stand as long as the structure it’s supporting. Eagle is proud to call their tile Class A fire resistant, hail/impact resistant, Miami-Dade high velocity hurricane zone approved and freeze-thaw rated.

From the unmatched technical aspects of the tile to the tile’s architectural versatility, Eagle Roofing Products truly strives to manufacture a product that stands out among the rest; one that will be your concrete roof tile of choice.

For more information regarding Eagle Roofing Products and the concrete roof tile products available in your region, visit www.eagleroofing.com.

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