If you’re in the process of selecting a new roof, either for an existing home or newly constructed one, and want to add dimension to your exterior, consider using two roofing materials: concrete roof tiles and metal. Blending different textures and styles across the surface of your home is a great way to elevate its overall curb appeal.

First off, it’s important to note that this look will only suit homes of certain elevations. If your home has elements worth accentuating, such as bay windows, dormers, or a porch, this is a great option that will freshen up the front of the home, while giving it a rustic appearance at the same time.

Once you’ve evaluated your exterior and determined that this a look you want, you can begin choosing the concrete roof tile profile/shape and color you feel best pairs with your home’s style and color scheme. This will be used as the primary roofing material. Don’t limit yourself to just flat tile! Both flat and barrel profiles are an option, as shown in the inspirational images provided. After you have chosen the tile, you can then select your metal accent’s material and color.

By using the metal as an accent as opposed to applying it to the entire roof, you can give your home the splash of copper, aluminum, steel, zinc, or tin you desire while minimizing the drawbacks that often come along with choosing it as a primary roof covering. Since the metal will be installed on a small portion of the roof, the worry of unpleasing denting, scratching and noise during inclement weather, such as hail storms, is reduced. Also, in the event that your accent pieces do face damage, repair and replacement costs are significantly less than if the entire home was roofed in metal.

Combining the durability and unwavering beauty of concrete roof tiles with the charm of metal accents is sure to add character and curb appeal to your exterior.

For assistance with selecting your concrete roof tile, contact one of Eagle’s Design Center Coordinators and Account Representatives to schedule a free consultation.

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