The Tile Roofing Institute (TRI), a respected partner of Eagle Roofing Products and other roof tile manufacturers, is a non-profit association of producers and associates of concrete and clay tile and has been the primary voice for the tile roofing industry for over 40 years. Recently, the organization underwent a name change and will now be known as the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance, or TRI Alliance.

Although the logo and name has been modified, the organization’s mission to serve as a resource, advocate, and true partner to members, builders, contractors and legislators in order to create change will remain the same.

The TRI Alliance website,, is one of many valuable resources the organization has to offer. There, you can find an abundance of information on roof tile, its advantages over other roofing materials, FAQ’s and technical information, such as downloadable installation manuals.

In addition, the latest training schedule can also be found on the website. These courses are great for both entry level and experienced roofers, consultants, and industry professionals who work with tile roofing and want to expand their skills. Facilitated by the TRI Alliance, the two courses offered are the Installation Manual Certification course, which is available in all states except for Florida, and the Florida High Wind Manual Certification course, which is exclusive to Florida. The certification is valid for two years and can be renewed online or in person.

Professionals who participate in the training and pass the multiple-choice test can market their knowledge by using the TRI Alliance Certification logo on their website and marketing materials. They are also added to the site’s “Find a Contractor” page where homeowners can search for a TRI Alliance Certified contractor, manufacturer, supplier, inspector or consultant in their area.

To learn more about the TRI Alliance and its renewed focus, visit

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