As we’ve plunged head first into an icy December, now is the perfect time to winterize your exterior with colorful lights, faux icicles and other traditional décor to get into the holiday spirit. However, before you begin decking the halls, take a look at these tips to ensure you’re doing so safely and without damaging your concrete tile roof.

Double Check

Prior to lighting up the neighborhood, double check that all decorations and lights are functioning properly. To avoid doing twice the amount of work, plug in your lights while on the ground and change out any bulbs that don’t appear to be working. You will also want to avoid lightbulbs higher than 7 Volts as larger bulbs may overheat easily and potentially cause a fire.

Safety First

Test your ladder to ensure it is secure and sturdy enough for you to safely reach any areas you plan to hang decorations. Also, make sure it extends a minimum of three feet above the roofline while positioned firmly on level, solid ground. If you plan on getting up on the pitch yourself, we advise against it and recommend you hire a licensed, bonded and insuredroofing contractor as they have experience and will abide by all necessary safety precautions. 

Fasten Properly

Refrain from using nails, staples and screws when hanging or securing holiday décor to roof tiles as this can allow unwanted moisture and other elements into the roof decking system. Instead, use temporary options, such as plastic clips, that can be attached to the tiles or gutters for a secure setup and easy removal.

In addition, if you live in a region susceptible to winter storms, snow guards offer a fantastic assistance prior to this step. They are installed by a professional to prevent snow or ice packs from avalanching and damaging property, including your decorations.  


If you happen to notice loose or broken tiles, debris in the gutters or any other issues, we suggest contacting that licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor to perform a thorough inspection and/ or repair. This service is crucial for not only your regular roof maintenance, but safety as well.

Be Patient

Although taking down decorations isn’t as fun as putting them up and can be quite time consuming, it’s important to remove them carefully. Ripping, hastily grabbing or pulling at them will only result in damage to your gutters and tiles, so take your time unfastening each clip individually.

May your holiday season be merry, and most importantly, safe! For additional tile roof maintenance tips, visit our website or contact your local Eagle Account Representative.


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