February is the month of love – and what better way to embrace this warmth than with a Valentine’s Day-inspired palette of red, terracotta or purple for your exterior décor? In the spirit of romanticizing your roof, read on to learn how to incorporate the following vibrant concrete roof tile colors meant to brighten your structure and enhance curb appeal.


3773 Walnut Creek Blend in Capistrano

A wildly popular product in all the profiles it’s offered in, Walnut Creek Blend radiates a gorgeous combination of tan, orange and dark brown. Featured here in our high-barrel, Capistrano, the terracotta tiles provide a lively pop of pigment to an otherwise neutral blend. This allows you to go heavier on other exterior elements such as brick, stone, wood finishes or wrought iron details.

In addition, muted shades such as whites, creams and beiges also make for great paint choices as they offset the splash of bold color in the roofscape. Not only will this tile choice pair seamlessly with any residential or commercial property, but the glitz and glamour are sure to draw the eye.


*2538 Corona Red Flashed in Malibu

If you’re looking for a dazzling tile to adorn your structure but don’t want to commit to a multi-colored blend, perhaps a classic ruby hue will suffice your design needs. Combining shades of deep scarlet with black streaks, Corona Red Flashed offers a timeless aura to the roof meant to emulate that traditional clay look many are so fond of.

In fact, reds tend to be favored in our Malibu profile as they complement Mediterranean and Floridian-inspired architecture. This medium barrel coupled with a tinge of streaking makes for an edgy yet stylish appearance.


*4620 Bloomingdale Blend in Bel Air

Although the aforementioned colorways pair beautifully with curvaceous barrels, flat tiles can make just as much of a statement. Bloomingdale Blend, a mixture of gray, eggplant and gold, offers the dichotomy of blending both warm and cool tones to create one stunning masterpiece.

This eccentric tile adds depth to any building as the diverse shades create an artisan pattern for a striking roof. A light touch of modern magic will guarantee you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood for years to come.


Whether you opt for a vibrant and vivacious concrete tile roof or prefer a subtle silhouette, our vast collection of products will enhance the elegance of your next project. For more design inspiration or style tips, visit our Pinterest page or contact the Design Center nearest you!


*Color is not available in all regions.

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