If you’re after a timeless yet elegant look for your home, why not rejuvenate your abode by pairing Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color of the Year: 9130 Evergreen Fog with a new concrete tile roof? According to Sherwin-Williams’ website, “Evergreen Fog is a versatile and calming hue, a chameleon color of gorgeous green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue. It’s a simple but sophisticated wash of beautiful, organic color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade.” The adaptability of this gorgeous green allows it to pair perfectly with a variety of architectural styles, and thanks to the wide selection of beautiful products Eagle offers, the design possibilities are endless! Check out the following concrete roof tile colors for some inspiration.

3687 Brown Gray Range in Capistrano

A flawless duo in our eyes, Eagle Roofing Products’ 2022 Color of the Year Brown Gray Range* is the ideal companion to Sherwin-Williams 9130 Evergreen Fog. Utterly stunning, Brown Gray Range’s beautiful pigments vary from a mocha-inspired hue to a velvety gray with strong brown undertones, offering a genuinely flexible colorway for a plethora of exterior color schemes. For instance, seeking a warm, inviting nature-inspired look? Revive your exterior by glossing your home in Sherwin Williams 9130 Evergreen Fog, which would effortlessly complement and enrichen the javas found in the roofscape. Contrast the earthy tones by accenting the trim and garage door with a white, like 7100 Arcade White. Lastly, complete the theme by accentuating the chocolate browns in the roof tile by painting the front door in 7027 Wellbred Brown.

*Brown Gray Range, shown here in our luxurious S-shape barrel profile, Capistrano, is also available in other profiles. Visit our website for a complete list of products available in your area.

2549 Santa Paula in Malibu

If you’re interested in light, warm and neutral colors, look no further than 2549 Santa Paula, depicted here in our contemporary medium barrel profile, Malibu. Inspired by the hues of desolate dunes found in the Sahara, Santa Paula offers homeowners and architects alike shades of beige with subtle cream and brown streaking for added variance to the rooftop. Enhance the earth dyes found in the roofscape by pairing this inviting concrete roof tile with Evergreen Fog to truly transform your dwelling into an idyllic masterpiece as the cooler tones perfectly balance out the warmer browns of Santa Paula.


4602 Concord Blend in Bel Air

Just as versatile as Evergreen Fog, 4602 Concord Blend, highlighted here in our svelte and modern flat profile, Bel Air, incorporates a dynamic and vivid mixture of charcoals and tans. Radiating popular hues found in nature, Concord Blend offers a classy yet enduring look year-round. Should you choose to adorn your dwelling with this fashionable product, consider painting your exterior walls in the aforementioned Color of the Year. The underlying tones of green and blue elegantly blend with the tile’s ash and sandy shades. Add a pop of contrast to the home’s architectural details with an off-white, like 7008 Alabaster. Tie the whole look together by using 7016 Mindful Gray for the front door, a wonderful gray that features a tinge of taupe undertones.

5679 Light Gray Range in Ponderosa

Add dimension and modernity to your home by selecting 5679 Light Gray Range* for your upcoming reroof! Pictured here in our emulated wood shake profile, Ponderosa, Light Gray Range varies from a light gray with greenish undertones to a medium charcoal hue, offering a contemporary ambiance to any rooftop. Grays and greens already naturally pair well together as the versatility of the steel hues beg to be matched with shades normally found within nature. Combine this beautiful neutral anchor with Evergreen Fog for a tranquil, elegant exterior.

Whether you prefer warmer tones or love a cooler color, Eagle has a wide variety of stunning concrete roof tile colors perfect for your next project. Contact your local Eagle Design Center to order a tile sample or visit our website to browse our entire products offering!

*These colors are not available in all regions.

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