Fall is here and soon, the weather will start to change. There will be falling leaves, cooler evenings, and possible storms. It is vital for the longevity of your roof that you tackle some important fall maintenance steps, so you can enjoy a worry-free autumn.

  1. Trim trees around your home: Large trees with branches that extend over your roof are a hazard to your home as if they snap, they can cause damage to the overall roof structure and eaves. In addition, fallen leaves, twigs, needles and small branches can also clog your gutters and valleys. If this happens, use a ladder and proper safety equipment to remove all debris.
  2. Inspect: Contact a license and bonded roofing contractor to perform a thorough inspection of your roof, flashing, sealants, gutters and drainpipes. He/she will also recommend replacement and/or repairs of any broken tiles and roof components and assess the condition of your attic. 


  1. Periodic Check-Ups: Every couple of months, you should check your structure for signs of insect or animal infestation such as sawdust, rotten areas, and insect waste. In addition, if you are in an area prone to mold and moss, these items should be professionally removed from the surface and other underlying sections of your roof. Finally, look for water stains from small or large leaks in the attic as well as the interior walls of your home, which can cause extensive damage.


Following these easy steps, you can ensure that your tile roof will live up to its full potential, protecting your investment from any type of weather conditions. If you notice any problems, our recommendation is to contact a roofing professional right away to make the necessary repairs.

For more information about tile roof maintenance or how to locate a licensed roofing contractor in your area, contact your local Eagle Account Representative.

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