Exteriors around the country are decked in red-and-green tinsel, bright bows and other Christmastime decorations to celebrate the holidays. While this time of year is full of all the cozy feels that accompany the cooler season, there are many ways to make the Winter magic live on year-round while protecting your structure with a durable, fashionable Eagle concrete tile roof.

A Permanent Holiday

As the pumpkins and ghouls are tucked back into storage, the time has arrived to bring out your trademark holiday items. Adorn your façade with knitted throws and pillows, twinkle lights and neutral poinsettias to create a dynamic appearance. Take this opportunity to elevate your permanent outdoor areas like firepits, bench swings and evergreen bushes with subtle seasonal touches. By sticking to cool tones and earthy tints, when decorating outdoor verandas, porches and front yards, you will achieve a scheme that can stay up well into the new year.

Festive Exteriors All-Year-Round

While blow-up reindeer and Santa’s sleigh are fun additions for those who enjoy more traditional Christmas decorations, pairing icy blues and creamy tones with classic schemes offers a festive look that can be enjoyed all year round. Below we will explore how you can create a winter wonderland with various color pairings and Eagle concrete roof tiles.

Winter Wonderland

Recreate the ethereal atmosphere of a snowy forest by coating your build with a monochromatic palette. Cool tones like Sherwin-Williams Highly Reflective White 7757 on the base of the structure and accents trimmed in Sherwin-Williams Crushed Ice 7647 come together to create a balanced Winter Wonderland regardless of whether your project sits within the mountain tops or on a beachside cliff. Don’t forget to incorporate an angelic tint, such as Sherwin-Williams Denim 6523 which will surely help accentuate exterior details, whether in the form of furniture or trim work. Nonetheless, the icy vibes of this scheme pair effortlessly with the ash tints of 49655 Mount Dora Blend* in our Tapered Slate profile for a tranquil and airy makeover.

Frosted Pine

If you are a fan of deep mochas and fawn tinges, opt for a rich scheme that coats the building’s body in versatile shades like Sherwin-Williams City Loft 7631. Now, extend this style motif by lining details around entryways and garages with a rich stain similar to Sherwin-Willimas French Roast 6069 for depth and warmth. However, if you are a fan of accentuating the finer details of your exterior, consider adding sprinkles of Sherwin-Williams Olde World Gold 7700 on light fixtures, railings and mailboxes for some antique flare. By following this approach, you are setting the perfect base for the smoky undertones and copper tints of SRB 4666 Grass Valley Range Copper* in Eagle’s Bel Air silhouette to shine in all its glory.

Festive Fir

Lovers of emerald and evergreen adore the mossy tinges that come along during the end-of-year celebrations. So why not create outside spaces embellished in varying shades of sage and olive? Muted greens like Sherwin-Williams Cargo Pants 7738 will act as a neutral base against more pigmented tints like Sherwin-Williams Green Sprout 7728 to complement the dwelling’s body. Finally, take inspiration from the festive fir you see on wreaths and Christmas trees when adding in decorative touches like pillows and rugs mirroring Sherwin-Williams Laurel Woods 7749. The perfect covering for such a green oasis is none other than 39507 Moss Creek* in Capistrano.

Cozy Fireside

One of the best parts about the cooler temperatures includes snuggling by the fire and staying indoors. Yet, there are many ways to bring indoor living outside by incorporating inviting colors and textures. For instance, Sherwin-Williams Drift of Mist 9166 lays the foundation for you to play with high-contrast palettes. Whereas the details in Sherwin-Williams Deep Forest Brown 9175 add a touch of smokiness and mystique, the bold tinge of Sherwin-Williams Fired Brick 6335 can entice the warmth of the fireplace for that timeless holiday feel. Such a fiery look demands a balanced roofscape like 2687 Brown Gray Range in Malibu to further cohesiveness.

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