35 Facts About Eagle Roofing Products

in Honor of 35 Years in Business

1.Eagle was founded by Robert Burlingame in the fall of 1989 in Rialto, CA.

2.Eagle has grown from a small business of just five employees to a company with over 500 employees nationwide.

3.Eagle is still owned by the Burlingame family today and is a division of Burlingame Industries.

5.Eagle’s Rialto, CA manufacturing facility is the largest in North America.

6.Eagle has four Manufacturing Plants that service the United States and Canada.

7.Eagle has nine Design Centers nationwide that service all of our customers throughout the United States and Canada.

8.In the last five years, Eagle has built and integrated two new satellite yards into its production model to ensure we can meet the demand for concrete roof tiles from coast to coast.

9.Every Eagle team member, from sales to manufacturing to management, performs their duties with the singular goal of customer satisfaction.

10.At Eagle, customers are guaranteed to speak with our team when contacting our Customer Service offices to ensure every question is met and every request is met.

11.Eagle has the largest product offering in the industry with seven different concrete roof tile profiles and over 150 colors available.

12.Eagle provides complimentary concrete roof tile samples to customers upon request.

13.Eagle offers house photos and installation addresses to support customers through the decision-making process.

14.Eagle offers both conventional weight and lightweight* concrete roof tiles.

15.Eagle roof tiles can be installed by customers in a variety of different styles. These specialty installations include staggered and boosted.

16.All tiles manufactured by Eagle are made of natural ingredients and are fully recyclable.

17.The sand and cement used throughout Eagle’s manufacturing process are locally sourced.

18.Eagle adheres to higher material practices than the industry standard of a 4:1 mixture. The Eagle Standard is a 3:1 mixture meaning there is more cement per tile, making it stronger than our competitors’.

19.Eagle manufactures color-through tiles to keep the integrity of the concrete tile beautiful for years to come.

20.Eagle’s concrete roof tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also possess energy-efficient properties, such as thermal mass and high reflectivity.

21.Eagle adds an acrylic sealer to the surface of all of our concrete roof tiles during the manufacturing process to reduce the appearance of efflorescence.

22.Eagle’s concrete roof tile is a Class A roof assembly which is the highest attainable fire rating for both the product and installed system.

23.Eagle roof tiles* pass freeze-thaw requirements. (*excludes slurry tiles)

24.When installed correctly, an Eagle tile roof can survive the strongest storms and harshest weather as they are tested and approved for use in the Miami-Dade high-velocity hurricane zone, withstanding sustained winds of up to 180mph.

25.Eagle’s flat concrete roof tiles are designed with a deeper and thicker water channel than competing tiles. This ensures proper flow of rainwater down the roofline and greatly reduces concerns of breakage within this area of the tile.

26.An Eagle concrete tile roof can last 75 years or the life of the structure it is on with proper installation, quality materials and preventative maintenance.

27.Eagle’s concrete roof tile is protected by a Lifetime Transferable Limited Product Warranty.

28.Eagle’s concrete roof tile can help lower energy costs by reducing heat transfer through air circulation under the tile and through concrete’s inherent insulating properties.

29.Eagle has partnered with Ron Blank and Associates and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to become a registered provider with AIA Continuing Education Systems (AIA/CES) and now offers three complimentary CE courses for design professionals to earn their credits.

30.Eagle offers a variety of specifier tools for free. From BIM drawings, CAD details and hatch patterns, everything can be accessed on our website.

31.In addition to concrete roof tile, Eagle offers a variety of roofing components and systems under Secure Roof Components by Eagle Roofing Products.

32.Eagle offers customers and partners an online reservation system called Time Is Money, specially designed to allow partners and customers to schedule tile pick-up times in advance.

33.Eagle designed Time Is Money to save customers 6 to 8 minutes on truck turnaround time because every minute counts.

34.Eagle is working with the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance to build and roll out a study focused on the benefits of concrete roof tiles, such as thermal mass, high emissivity, and Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV). These studies will offer roofers, builders, homeowners, and architects useful knowledge when understanding the temperature of concrete roof tiles and their energy performance.

35.Eagle has rolled out several digital marketing campaigns over the years, including Color of the Year, Color of the Month, Home of the Month, Feature Installation, Technical Tuesday, Adding Value and many others, to ensure constant communication between audiences.

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*Profile and colors vary by region.

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