With Spring approaching, you might be thinking of giving your home a fresh face with a stylish coat of paint and a beautiful new Eagle concrete tile roof. Maybe you’re in the process of designing a new build and are in the middle of deciding between materials and custom finishes. Regardless, the task of selecting a perfect roofscape and palette to match your taste is nothing short of daunting. Read on to learn more about how you can pair your crown with a variety of exterior colorways.

Start Big, Then Work on the Details

Oftentimes, it’s easy to gravitate towards that perfect accent hue we find on a flower pot or front entryway. While knowing your preference in vibrant pops of pigment is important, basing the entire scheme of your abode on small dashes of stain can leave your remaining options limited. As such, we suggest to always start big with the primary color and ask yourself important questions. Do you lean towards neutrals? Do you prefer cool gray undertones? Perhaps you enjoy the warmth of reds and golds or the softer sides of blues and greens. Selecting the main coating for your arrangement can help the details following soon after. Skipping this critical step might leave you feeling unsure or boxed in by a small selection of gloss offerings.

Deciding on a trim can be just as taxing, but it doesn’t have to get too lost in the details. Most find it satisfying to either delicately contrast, such as utilizing a charcoal trim on an eggshell dwelling or to enhance the undertones of the main shade, such as pairing a warm khaki with a creamy base. Whatever your style, cascade your home with an elegant tint that speaks to your true taste. The best way to do so is to visit a paint company of your choosing and take home swatches. But don’t stop there, remember that lavish accent color you loved so much? Find ways to incorporate it in landscaping, outdoor throw rugs or even veranda furniture. Whether its bold or pastel, any additional hue you utilize will make for a gorgeous feat of architecture and modern design.

Tie It All Together with the Perfect Roof

Now you’ve got your vision for the look and feel of your home, it’s time to adorn your roofscape with an alluring, long-lasting and durable concrete tile roof. Utilizing the combination you’ve concocted, take advantage of the plethora of resources Eagle has to offer to help you select your next crown. You can visit a local design center to view our extensive selection of products, which are available in a multitude of beautiful shades. We even offer free tile samples for you to take home with you! Otherwise, you can always request a free sample on our website to have shipped directly to you in a matter of days. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this complimentary service to ensure your satisfaction with your final choice.

As you aim to create a unified arrangement like this one here with Eagle’s 2702 Calabar Blend in our Malibu profile, make sure that you fully address all aspects of the exterior. From the primary paint to the trim and doors to the floral accents, a completed scheme should touch on every element of the home and its surroundings. For decision time, this part is truly up to what roof tile and paint pairing speaks to you. Whether you were surprised by your selections or you chose tried-and-true classics, exterior pigment options are all about your personal style. Choose the colorway that best represents your design tastes and aspirations for your dream home.

Make your next residential project a winner with a luxurious colorway and a lavish Eagle concrete tile roof.

Visit a Design Center or contact an Eagle Account Representative today!

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