If you’re in the market for a new roof and are considering choosing a flat concrete roof tile profile, you may want to explore the idea of a staggered installation. This is a great way to give your commercial or residential property an opulent and unique feel with the longevity and durability of a concrete tile roofscape.

Craft Your Vision

Staggered installations are all about exuding luxury with a touch of personality that brings your exterior to a whole new level. This look is achieved by laying the tiles in a jagged fashion, creating a v-line appearance that adds depth and dimension to the roofline. Regardless of the design you’re going for, there is an undeniable sophistication to staggered crowns that will make onlookers green with envy. Read on to learn more about this stunning specialty installation for your next commercial or residential property.

First, you’ll need to determine what look you’re trying to achieve with your dwelling. Be sure to take the architectural style and color into consideration. If a slate-like roof is what you’re after, try Eagle Roofing Products’ flat Bel Air or Tapered Slate concrete roof tile profiles. The simplicity and beauty of these silhouettes paired with the staggered exposure mirrors the natural, rock appearance of slate pieces that often vary in length. Using concrete roof tiles to emulate this look is far more cost-effective than slate, provides energy cost savings and weighs much less, so your chances of needing to have your roof reinforced are not as likely.

The staggered application is also an option to consider if you are creating more of a rustic, cedar wood shake façade for your home. Eagle Roofing Products’ flat textured profile, Ponderosa, provides a natural wood grain appearance without the flammability and tendency to rot downfalls that coincide with authentic wood shakes. This charming roof style pairs nicely with homes that reflect Cottage, Lodge or Tudor architectural characteristics. No matter your taste, there’s an opportunity for a lavish staggered installation that will elevate your curb appeal to new heights!

Next Steps

Once you have decided upon the overall look for your exterior and feel that a staggered installation would be the perfect final touch, consult with your professional roofing contractor. It is important to discuss this option prior to having the tiles ordered and installed since the roofing contractor is ultimately responsible for the planning, layout and proper installation of the tile. Communication between you and your roofing contractor is key to creating a beautiful, unique look for your home.

Ensure that you hire a licensed, bonded and insured roofing professional to do the work. Given that this is a specialty form of installation, you want to make sure your contractor has the experience and skill to do the job correctly. Consider asking for photos of their previous work, requesting to see proof of insurance and asking about their prior experience with this technique. Hiring a contractor is all about finding the right fit, so you want to make sure you are satisfied with who you select to entrust one of the most integral parts of your structure with. For further tips on how to hire a roofing contractor, check out our blog to learn more.

For further information on staggered installations or to view the colors available in our flat concrete roof tile profiles in your region, please contact your local Eagle Account Representative or browse our tiles for a full

product offering in your area.

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