There is no question that concrete tile roofs are the superior choice when selecting a durable and eye-catching crown for your commercial or residential project. Nonetheless, Eagle tiles allow you to create an elegant roofline that effortlessly elevates the structure’s curb appeal while simultaneously providing unmatched protection against the elements. But the exterior renovations don’t have to stop there. Our roof tiles make the design possibilities endless if you think outside the box when redoing exterior areas.

No Structure Too Small

Manufactured to perfection, Eagle roof tiles are equipped with all the features and benefits customers want and need to have the peace of mind that their belongings and loved ones will be safe and sound regardless of what may come their way. Because of the characteristics and benefits of concrete, multi-level buildings, historic abodes and residences of all shapes and sizes are virtually unscathed when protected by our concrete roof tiles. However, have you ever thought about the advantages that you can benefit from when covering your unconventional structures with an Eagle rooftop?

Detached Garages

Detached structures like garages are commonly used for storing vehicles or other miscellaneous items. Needless to say, the value of what is held inside merits top-tier shelter. As long as the build can support the weight of a concrete tile roof, we recommend upping the safety and security by installing a roofscape that will last up to 75 years and conserve your valuables. Gone are the days of fearing that an unprecedented storm or fallen debris will impact your vehicle to unrepairable lengths.

Backyard Sheds

Whether you use your backyard shed for extra storage or convert it into a separate workplace, you can easily elevate the appearance of the building by reroofing it with a gorgeous concrete tile roof. The enhanced weather resistance opens the door for more uses as water leaks, dents and fire risks are reduced with Eagle tile’s innate benefits. With this project, you can create a new structure that matches your lifestyle and needs.

Gazebos and Outdoor Seating Areas

Days spent in your backyard are great for enjoying some fresh air. Now, consider building a gazebo by your pool or garden to fashion a designated seating area ideal for hosting and lounging. By opting for concrete roof tiles when crafting these blueprint plans, you’ll benefit from their energy-efficient properties like thermal mass. Similar to when installed on a larger property, concrete roof tiles absorb the heat energy emitted by the sun until temperatures cool down. Not only will you be able to host more gatherings, but you’ll be able to enjoy the natural surroundings even in the hottest seasons.

The Final Touch to Your Exterior Renovation

The reality is there are several small renovation or design tricks you can add to your list when revamping your spaces. Fresh landscaping, vibrant entryways and lavish furniture can add an elegant touch to your abode. However, no do-it-yourself project will result in the showstopping, unrivaled curb appeal of a concrete tile roof.

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*Profile and colors vary by region.

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