The New Year always brings a sense of renewal and thoughts about the future. If your resolution is to find easy, cost-effective green efforts to help the environment, while keeping more money in your pocket, then a Cool Roof may be for you.  Who benefits?  Builders and Property Owners whose residential communities or commercial buildings […]

Concrete roof tiles are beautiful, durable, and have a proven long-term performance rate, especially when compared to alternative roofing materials used in the market today. Asphalt shingles are known as the common go-to roofing material, but did you know that with time, they’ll begin to lose their adhesive and just fall off? Let’s talk about […]

Choosing a Profile that Sets the Tone Jamie Trotter is Eagle’s Lead Design Center Coordinator/Trainer. She has a degree in Interior Design, as well as is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. What makes a house become a home?  Growing up, I drove my parents absolutely insane because I was constantly wanting […]

Ever wonder what all those complex roofing terms mean? If so, we’ve put together a list of commonly used terms and phrases used in the roofing industry. Eagle Roofing would like to help homeowners and new contractors better understand the industry along with the materials involved.   Square A square is a unit of roof […]

A reroofing project is a huge investment; you need someone you can trust and who knows the industry. Eagle Roofing Products’ tile has been known to last as long as the structure it is protecting, but only under the right installation. Protect your investment by using a few of these tips to hire the right […]

In the earliest civilizations, roofing tiles were used to protect their most precious structures. Today, concrete roof tiles are used all around the world and known in the industry as one of the most durable products, when compared to other roofing materials. Durability isn’t the only advantage that concrete roof tiles have! They can also […]

Concrete Tiles – Eagle RoofingIf you’re thinking about a reroofing project, you may be asking yourself if a concrete tile roof may be for you. The answer? Absolutely! Tile has been the roofing product of choice around the world for Millennia. In the United States, concrete roof tiles became very popular in the Sun Belt […]

Roofing Re-Imagined with Jamie’s Fall Favorites Welcome to Jamie’s Design Corner where each month, Jamie Trotter – Eagle’s Lead Design Center Coordinator/Trainer, will provide our customers with helpful tips and design inspiration on transforming your residential or commercial projects’ exterior look.  Her goal?  To give you ideas that will create outstanding curb appeal.  Fall is approaching […]

With eight Design Centers located across the country, Eagle Roofing Products is always by your side. A roof is a major investment and is one of the most noticeable aspects of a building. Our goal is to help simplify the process of creating your dream oasis. Whether it’s new construction or adding a completely new […]

Eagle Roof Tile is often the perfect complement to houses with distinctive architectural features.  One such feature that is seen on both historical homes and, more and more, on new custom homes is the turret.  Turrets are conical roofs that provide a uniquely elegant flare to homes of distinction.  They can also provide a uniquely […]

If you drive through most neighborhoods you’re likely to see varying roofing materials, but more often than not, you’ll notice that asphalt shingles seem to dominate as the most popular roofing material. Just like any other type of product, the most popular doesn’t always mean it’s the best in quality. The most common reason that […]

Every year we hear on the news about homes being consumed in wildfires. The thought of a horrific incident like that sends shivers down any homeowners’ spine. Even if you live in an area where wildfires are not likely, lightning strikes or just freak accidents are possible. There’s no sure way to prevent such atrocities, […]

Jim Stickland of Atlanta Action 2 news reported last week the headline, “Prices are going through the roof!” and he’s right. There has been a massive price increase that took place on March 1, 2013 for shingles. It is also reported that the prices will increase again on April 15, 2013. A bundle of shingles […]

Tile Roofs vs. Shingle Roofs: What is the Difference? A roof is a roof is a roof….wrong.  There really are superior roofing materials available.  If you are trying to decide what kind of material to use on your roof here are some facts about the differences between using tile and using shingles for a new […]

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