NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Eagle has rolled out a bunch of brand-new concrete roof tile colors for you to choose from for your next reroof or new construction project. From elegant grays to cozy browns to combinations of beautiful earthy shades and copper-inspired hues, we have it all. Check out a small sampling of our latest […]

Hurricane season reigns every year from June 1st to November 30th. During this time, it is common for coastal states to be hit with weather systems consisting of light showers to the fiercest of torrential rain and winds. Now, amid the calm before the storm, is the time to learn more about the added protection […]

There are many house styles to choose from and countless ways to mix up your exterior design. We have researched five of the most popular American home genres and outlined how you can incorporate a beautiful Eagle concrete tile roof into your façade. Whether you’re going for a traditional Spanish villa, a contemporary abode or […]

If you are considering one of Eagle Roofing Products’ barrel concrete roof tiles for your new roof, you may have noticed there are two fabulous profiles to choose from. Below, we have outlined the basic recommendations for deciding between our medium profile Malibu and high S-profile Capistrano to help you determine which shape will suit […]

To celebrate the shamrockin’ shades of St. Patrick’s Day, we are showcasing three pinch-proof green color schemes that pair with our concrete tile roofs! In recent years, green has become increasingly popular amongst exterior design trends as homeowners want to emulate a sense of peace with earthy elegance. There are many ways to incorporate this […]

If you are the owner of a beautiful concrete tile roof, you may notice a white, chalky residue on the surface of your tile. Don’t fear—this is a natural process called efflorescence, which is a chemical reaction that can occur in all cement products. Meaning “to flower out” in French, efflorescence is essentially the migration […]

All roofs experience wear and tear over time, but it is important to keep an eye on conditions that can warrant an inspection by a licensed, insured and bonded professional. Depending on the type of roof material you have, different factors can affect the health and lifespan of this vital structural system. Maintaining the integrity […]

2023 Color of the Year Extended into 2023 as our Color of the Year, Brown Gray Range continues to shine as a best-selling shade. Inspired by natural elements such as earth, wood and stone, this timeless tile with velvety charcoal and deep mocha hues will elevate your curb appeal to the next level. Available nationwide […]

As we look forward to the new year ahead, we are taking a moment to joyfully reflect back at our inaugural Color of the Month series that was launched exactly a year ago this month.  From a beautiful assortment of grays and browns to a vivid red, warm terracotta and a few blends in between, […]

When planning a re-roof or buying a new property, details must be carefully thought-out prior to any installation. Concerning your roof, there are many different elements that will affect the final product. To help you protect your investment, we have compiled a list of the top three reasons for early roof failure. Low Quality Materials […]

If you’re in the market for a new roof and are considering one of Eagle Roofing Products’ flat concrete roof tiles, you may have noticed there are quite a few options to choose from. Whether you’re looking to reroof an existing structure or build a new house or development, Eagle concrete roof tile is the […]

If you are planning to start a roofing project, some of the terms you will come across might confuse you. There are many different types of components and parts that are involved when roofing professionals are creating estimates and knowing exactly what each term means will help you make an educated decision. We have compiled […]

Fall is here and soon, the weather will start to change. There will be falling leaves, cooler evenings, and possible storms. It is vital for the longevity of your roof that you tackle some important fall maintenance steps, so you can enjoy a worry-free autumn. Trim trees around your home: Large trees with branches that […]

Fall is knocking at our doors and it is time to indulge ourselves in some dazzling color combinations. Exterior paint choices are all about creating an inviting environment for your guests, family, and possible buyers. Rich hues ranging from brown to orange, mauve, and blue will bring your house to life. Keep reading to discover […]

Concrete roof tile comes in many styles, each with its intrinsic beauty and design aesthetic, but there is more to them than what meets the eye. The distinctive and desirable appearance of a tile roofscape comes with the great advantage of durability and longevity. Purchasing a new roof is a big investment, but by choosing […]

Sherwin Williams released their 2022 ColorMix Forecast earlier this year, which is a collection of forty current hues that create four fascinating palettes. To aid homeowners, architects, and designers who may be looking for exterior design inspiration to better embrace their home or building’s architectural character, we have compiled the collection here and paired each […]

About Eagle Founded three decades ago, in 1989 by Robert Burlingame, Eagle Roofing Products is the only concrete roof tile manufacturer that is American founded and owned. With our headquarters and first production facility located in Rialto, CA, and additional manufacturing plants in Stockton, CA, Phoenix, AZ, and Sumterville, FL, Eagle proudly services the entire […]

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