American Made. American Owned.

Eagle Roofing Products is a division* of Burlingame Industries, a California based privately held, family-owned organization. From these family roots, our business philosophy and vision have blossomed.

Founded three decades ago by Robert Burlingame, Eagle began operations in the fall of 1989 with just one high-pressure concrete tile extrusion machine located in Rialto, California. In a ten-year period, the Rialto plant serviced all of California, Arizona and Nevada with a capacity to produce concrete roof tile for over 83,000 homes per year. Fast forward to present day and Eagle’s Rialto facility continues to be the largest in North America. In addition to Rialto, we have manufacturing plants in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as Stockton, California and Sumterville, Florida meeting the demand for concrete roof tile across the United States and Canada.

Furthermore, Eagle has grown to a workforce of over 800 employees that are knowledgeable in not only concrete roof tile but in regional trends and needs. Our expertise in the building and roofing industries, coupled by our extensive array of profiles and colors, enables us to provide our customers with high quality concrete roofing products that are aesthetically beautiful, long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

*Eagle Roofing Products and Eagle Roofing Products Florida LLC are two separate entities. In addition, both companies are considered separate legal entities of Burlingame Industries.

Quality Products. Unmatched Customer Service.

Over the years, Eagle has flourished due in large part to a philosophy that revolves around growing personal relationships. Our vision starts with our Team Members, and is reflected in the relationships with our customers and business partners. Every person in our company is a Customer Service Representative—from our order and shipping departments, to our experienced manufacturing staff to our customer service, sales, marketing and technical teams —each Eagle Team Member performs with the singular goal of customer satisfaction.

Our well-deserved reputation for quality products, and our commitment to establishing enduring customer relationships while providing a prompt, personal response to our customers’ needs has made us the preferred concrete roof tile manufacturer in North America.

Eagle is customer service.

The Focus & Direction of Our Company

A vision statement expresses what the company wants to create of itself and the world around it. It is a picture of the future. It articulates our culture! It shows every Eagle Team Member in the organization where we want to go, and what we will be like when we get there. Our vision gives shape and direction to our company’s future.




A job worth doing right is a job worth doing safely. There is no task or objective so important that the safety of any team member should be compromised.


We have trust and respect for our team members. We approach each situation with the belief that people want to do a good job, and will do so, given the proper tools and support.


We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity. We expect our team members to be open and honest in their dealings with others – to earn their trust and loyalty.


We recognize that it is only through effective teamwork between all our employees that we can achieve our goals. Our commitment is to work as a worldwide team, directed centrally and managed locally, to fulfill the expectations of our staff, customers and others who depend on us.


We know that by committing to continuous improvement, focusing on the strengths of our employees, sharing best practices, encouraging engagement at every level while maintaining a learning culture, we will exceed our goals. Seeking and sharing knowledge is the key to this success. Change is a permanent feature of all our processes and procedures.


We focus on a high level of achievement and contribution. Our customers expect products and services to be of the highest quality, and to provide lasting value.


It is through open communication that our employees become a team and effectively serve our customers. Communication requires the ability to listen, understand and react.


We create an inclusive work environment which supports the diversity of our team and stimulates innovation. Products, processes, procedures; there’s always an opportunity for positive change.


To foster initiative and creativity by allowing the individual great freedom of action in attaining well-defined objectives.


We set and clearly communicate agreed-upon goals, and work as a team to accomplish them.


To provide products and services of the highest quality, and the greatest possible value to our customers. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, to surprise and delight them – gaining and holding their respect and loyalty. Eagle is customer service.


Our suppliers, whether material suppliers or financial institutions, must remain partners in our businesses. The same level of trust and respect must be extended to them, as to our customers, as they represent an integral component of our success


We will leverage technology wherever possible to improve our customers’ experiences without compromising the local support and personal touch they have come to expect.


To let our growth, either in revenue or process improvements, be limited only by our financial performance and/or our ability to develop and produce innovative products & services that satisfy real customer needs. We will seek new opportunities to expand the market for our products, and create opportunities for our team members.


To achieve sufficient profit to facilitate our company growth, and provide the resources we need for reinvestment; sharing with team members who contribute to our success.


To honor our obligations to society by being an economic, intellectual, ecological, and social asset to each community in which we operate. Whenever possible we will partner with honorable charitable organizations that are dedicated to improving the lives of citizens of the communities in which we live and work.

No Limit

There is no limit to what our team can do or where our team can go, if no one team member minds who gets the credit.

Dear Valued Customer

As Eagle continues to grow, we value the foundation that has contributed to our success. It is our commitment to our Team Members, our dedication to manufacturing quality products, and our desire to build lasting customer relationships. We strive to make our products more energy efficient, to continue to create new profiles and rich colors to keep up with trends, and to partner with some of the most established manufacturers in the roofing industry so our customers have the right roof components to build a strong, reliable roof system.

So, whether you are an Architect, Builder, Contractor, Designer, Distributor, Roofer or Homeowner, with four manufacturing plants servicing the United States and Canada, you can rest assured that we have the right concrete roof tile products and components for your residential or commercial project. Meeting your needs. That’s what inspires us to be your company of choice. That’s what makes us different.

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