High Barrel Concrete Roof Tile


High Barrel Tiles, or otherwise known as high profile S-Tiles, are semi-cylindrical concrete tiles and the most traditionally recognized of all tile profiles. Our Capistrano high barrel profile is beautiful and timeless, emulating the authentic look of Spanish tile found in the old world.

Eagles Capistrano profile comes in a vast array of colors from: terracottas to warm earth tones to cool grays and refreshing greens, as well as in exquisite blends that were designed to emulate the classic look of real clay tiles.  Many of these colors and blends are Energy Star® and Cool Roof rated products that can qualify for LEED points and save customers money and energy.

While you make think a Capistrano tile roof is suitable for only Spanish or Italian stucco architecture, it actually offers stunning good looks that works with any architectural style, as it pairs well with stucco, stone or brick siding. It is used widely on residential, commercial, military and institutional buildings throughout the United States.

If you are unsure if your residential or commercial project will bode well with a Capistrano profile, we highly recommend that you contact one our knowledgeable design professionals who will be happy to assist you during a free consultation.  For more information on this service, visit our Design Center page.



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