Cool Roof

Get Your Cool Roof in Time for Summer

The season of summer is finally here. That means school is out, vacations are underway and outside temperatures are on the rise! You may start to notice an increase in your energy costs, as well. Unfortunately, there’s no changing the harsh heat of summer, but there is a way to change how your residential or commercial property responds to it. Trade out your old, heat trap of a roof for a cool, tile roof!

A Cool Roof is a roof that has been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard, conventional roof. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a conventional roof without inherent cooling properties can reach temperatures up to 50°F hotter than the actual temperature outside. That means your roof can easily heat up to 150°F throughout the duration of a typical 90°F summer day. With a Cool Roof, such as an Eagle Roofing Products’ concrete tile roof, the difference between the temperature outside and the temperature of the roof will only be 5 to 10°F.

Concrete roof tiles are able to remain cool due to their inherent reflective properties. The tiles are able to reflect sunlight and, instead of absorbing that heat and transferring it down from the roof deck into the structure, they release the heat for greater energy efficiency.

While color does play a part in the reflectivity value of a tile, it does not mean there aren’t darker colored tiles that adhere to the Cool Roof standards. The tiles, regardless of the color, are tested for solar reflectance (SR) – fraction of sun energy reflected by roof – and the thermal emittance (TE) – ability of roof surface to release/emit absorbed heat. These “coolness” values are rated on a decimal scale from 0 to 1; the closer the value is to 1, the higher its reflectivity is towards the sun. These values are provided by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), which administers a Rating Program for companies, like Eagle Roofing Products, to have their products tested and appropriately labeled with radiative property values.

By upgrading to a Cool Roof, you could save 10 to 30 percent annually on energy costs, as well as decrease your overall roof temperature. This can result in added years to the overall life of your roof. So, start saving on energy costs and stay cool for many summers to come with your new Cool Roof!    

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Eagle Platinum Tile

Here at Eagle Roofing Products, we are passionate about what we do and what we create. We stand behind our products and always stay on top of the trends, creating concrete roof tiles and products that are sure to amaze.

One might ask, “How can you make an already outstanding product even better?” Well, through our partnership with Industrial Nanotech (a global nanoscience solutions research and development leader) we are now offering a moisture-resistant roof tile that is not only energy efficient but ensures lasting beauty and curb appeal.

How does this product work? This innovative technology is powered by a dual-purpose, deep penetrating clear coating providing the perfect balance of energy efficiency and lasting beauty to our already exquisite Eagle concrete tile. Unlike other sealants and coatings that stay on the surface of the tile, when applied, this patented coating seeps deep down into the tile. Not only does Eagle Platinum Tile insulate and reduce heat transfer in and out of the structure home 365 days a year, but studies show that this technology can reduce heating and cooling costs between 20 percent and 40 percent in just a short time.

platinum_graphic_02 platinum_graphic_03
What else makes Eagle Platinum Tile so great?


  • Resistant to Growth – Mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, streaks, and stains
  • Weathering Resistance – Protection from elements such as salt sea spray (not part of the warranty)
  • Environmentally Friendly – Low VOC compliant, water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Excellent UV Resistance – Reduces color degradation (not part of the warranty)
  • Clear Coat – Does not obscure the roof’s beauty
  • Breathable – Does not promote condensation or moisture build up
  • Long -Term Performance and Protection


Eagle Platinum is available on most color through Eagle tile- not including Ponderosa, slurry or Artisan.

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Is Your Roof Cool? Here’s How it Works.

As we get into the hot, summer months, the AC gets cranked and the energy costs often rise to to keep buildings comfortable. According to the EPA, about $40 billion is spent annually in the US to air condition buildings – one-sixth of all electricity generated in a year!
ENERGY STAR qualified roof products reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings and can reduce energy bills by up to 50%.”

What is Energy Star? ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. (

Cool Roof Rated products are listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council ( and have been tested and approved as highly reflective. Eagle Roofing offers an extensive amount of colors and profiles of Cool Roofing options, which can help reduce your energy costs by 10-30%. They also have environmental benefits as well, by reducing global warming, urban heat island effects, smog, and the production of CO2. 

Here’s How It Works:
A cool roof reflects and emits the sun’s energy as light back to the sky, rather than transferring it to the building below it as heat. Therefore, a tile’s 
“coolness” is measured by two properties–Solar Reflectance – fraction of sun energy reflected by roof (0-100%) and
Thermal Emittance – ability of roof surface to release (emit) absorbed heat (0-100%).
The recognition of the benefits are becoming more widespread and have been adopted by building codes and green building programs across the nation. 

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