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Eagle Design Corner: Specialty Installation Options for Barrel Concrete Roof Tile Profiles

Eagle’s Capistrano profile is a traditional S-shaped barrel concrete roof tile that pairs beautifully with Spanish and Mediterranean style architecture. The gorgeous curb appeal that Capistrano offers can be taken to the next level by gracing your roofscape with intricate tile details that will add a quintessential flair to your overall design. These tile details come in multiple specialty installation options, such as fully Boosted Eaves, Genoise Eaves and Boosted Capistrano, giving you the opportunity to customize your design to fit your home’s unique character.

One popular specialty installation option is the customizations of eaves. An eave’s practical purpose is to provide weather protection by allowing water to run off roofs and away from the structure, reducing the risk of rot and damage. However, practical doesn’t have to equate to boring. Eaves can be functional while featuring distinct ornamental features that define specific architectural styles.

Two unique options that can be discussed with your roofing contractor include:

Fully Boosted Eaves
Fully Boosted Eaves use boosted accessory pieces, mortar and an additional roofing adhesive for installations in high wind areas. These materials are then properly applied to the barrel portion of each tile along the eave, or part of the roof that overhangs the face of a wall, adding dimension to the roofline and creating a timeless appearance.

Genoise Eaves
Genoise Eaves are made up of decorative strips of boosted accessory pieces under the eaves of the roof, separating the wall from the roof and bringing the roof-tiles out slightly to keep the rain off the walls. The look depicts true authenticity as it is believed to have originated in Italy and can be found, today, in Province and the south of France.

Specialty installations for both of these styles can be combined or installed on their own.

In addition to specialty eave installations, we offer Boosted Capistrano. This process adds a single cap and added mortar to “boost” your installed Capistrano roof tiles. This detail recreates the timeless elegance of Old-World architecture. Boosted Capistrano is a defined decorative element found in Italianate style and Spanish-influenced grand homes and can be combined with Fully Boosted or Genoise Eaves.

If you’re interested in adding any of these looks to your next residential or commercial project, consult with your professional roofing contractor before installation to ensure the proper materials are ordered and the desired look is properly achieved.

Eagle Design Corner: Specialty Installation Options for Flat Concrete Roof Tile Profiles

If you’re in the market for a new roof and are considering choosing a flat concrete roof tile profile, you may want to explore the option of a specialty installation. While a flat concrete tile roof offers a crisp, clean appearance that suits various architectural types, selecting a specialty installation can provide added character to your exterior – or even modernize it – depending on the install. Here are some options for flat tile profiles:


Staggered Installation*

A great way to give your home an Old World feel and provide a unique appearance, a staggered installation is perfect for those seeking an authentic slate-like or wood shake look.  Eagle’s flat Bel Air, Textured or Tapered Slate concrete roof tile profiles are the ideal choice for a slate emulated appearance. The simplicity and beauty of these profiles paired with the staggered exposure mirrors the natural, rock-like elements of slate tiles that often vary in length. Concrete roof tile is also more cost effective than slate and weighs much less. For more of a rustic, cedar wood shake look, try a staggered installation using a flat textured profile, like Eagle’s Golden Eagle or Ponderosa. This provides a natural wood grain appearance without the durability and longevity downfalls that coincide with authentic wood shakes. A charming roof style, this specialty installation pairs nicely with homes that reflect Cottage, Lodge or Tudor architectural characteristics.


Rakeless Installation*

Contrary to typical flat tile installations that use a 90-degree rake piece, a rakeless installation achieves fluidity and clean edges along the roofscape for a modern appearance. This can be achieved with use of a rake wedge, such as Eagle’s Rake Seal. Rake Seal, in particular, is specially designed to fit Eagle’s flat concrete roof tile profiles and is not visible once installed. A rakeless installation complements many of the increasingly popular architectural styles seen throughout recent housing developments, such as the Modern Farmhouse, Modern Spanish and Modern Prairie, to name a few.


Mitered Ridge Installation*

Similar to a rakeless installation, the use of traditional ridge pieces can be eliminated with the application of a mitered ridge. Normally, a flat concrete tile roof would be installed using bulky trim pieces along the roof’s ridge – the top-most edge of a roof where two opposing slopes meet. With a mitered ridge installation, the field tiles are cut to meet at the adjoining ridgeline, offering a more minimalistic look than traditional ridge applications, while ensuring weather blocking throughout the roof.

If you are interested in selecting one of these specialty installations, be sure to first consult with your professional roofing contractor. It is important to discuss these options prior to having the tiles ordered and installed as the materials ordered may differ from that of a standard installation.

For more information on Eagle Roofing Products, or to begin browsing our flat concrete roof tile offering for your area, visit www.eagleroofing.com.

*This specialty installation option is only applicable to flat concrete roof tile profiles.

Eagle Design Corner: Customize Your Concrete Tile Roof with Eagle’s Signature Blends of Blends

Here at Eagle Roofing Products, not only do we manufacture over 150 different colors of concrete roof tile for you to choose from, but we also give you the opportunity to create your own custom roof tile color with our Signature Blends of Blends* line.

With Signature Blends of Blends, you have the freedom to combine products from Eagle’s current product offering to conceive a unique color palette that is completely yours. It is applicable to both our flat and barrel concrete roof tile profiles, allowing greater flexibility in creating both traditional and contemporary roof designs.

For example, the Spanish-style home to the left shows a blend of Capistrano Sanborn Blend and Capistrano Weathered Terracotta Flashed. This combination works beautifully together, adding brighter, more vibrant hues of terracotta to the deep terracotta and a brownish tan that Sanborn Blend exhibits.

A more modern look can be created by blending neutral hues together, such as browns or grays, or by using flat tile, like in the home pictured below. It features Bel Air Concord Blend – a blend of charcoal gray and tans – blended with Santa Paula. By adding in the creamy tans of Santa Paula, this homeowner was able to lighten the Concord Blend and perfectly accentuate the home’s warm exterior.

To get started on creating your own hand-crafted work of art, visit our website. Here, you’ll find inspirational color combinations and be able to browse the products available to choose from within your region.

*Please note that the blends do not come pre-packaged or blended in the pallet and are to be purchased separately. Eagle Roofing Products recommends that you discuss any customization with your Roofer, prior to installation, to ensure that you achieve the desired look and that no hot spots (patches of color that undo the blended effect) are created. Your Roof Contractor is responsible for blending the colors during the loading of a roof in order to create the Signature Blends of Blends, ensuring that the placement of the tile is completed in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Eagle Design Corner: Incorporating Metal Roof Accents with Your Concrete Tile Roof

If you’re in the process of selecting a new roof, either for an existing home or newly constructed one, and want to add dimension to your exterior, consider using two roofing materials: concrete roof tiles and metal. Blending different textures and styles across the surface of your home is a great way to elevate its overall curb appeal.

First off, it’s important to note that this look will only suit homes of certain elevations. If your home has elements worth accentuating, such as bay windows, dormers, or a porch, this is a great option that will freshen up the front of the home, while giving it a rustic appearance at the same time.

Once you’ve evaluated your exterior and determined that this a look you want, you can begin choosing the concrete roof tile profile/shape and color you feel best pairs with your home’s style and color scheme. This will be used as the primary roofing material. Don’t limit yourself to just flat tile! Both flat and barrel profiles are an option, as shown in the inspirational images provided. After you have chosen the tile, you can then select your metal accent’s material and color.

By using the metal as an accent as opposed to applying it to the entire roof, you can give your home the splash of copper, aluminum, steel, zinc, or tin you desire while minimizing the drawbacks that often come along with choosing it as a primary roof covering. Since the metal will be installed on a small portion of the roof, the worry of unpleasing denting, scratching and noise during inclement weather, such as hail storms, is reduced. Also, in the event that your accent pieces do face damage, repair and replacement costs are significantly less than if the entire home was roofed in metal.

Combining the durability and unwavering beauty of concrete roof tiles with the charm of metal accents is sure to add character and curb appeal to your exterior.

For assistance with selecting your concrete roof tile, contact one of Eagle’s Design Center Coordinators and Account Representatives to schedule a free consultation.

Eagle Design Corner: 3 Tips for Choosing Your Concrete Roof Tile Color

With Eagle Roofing Products offering over 150 concrete roof tile color options, selecting a concrete roof tile for your home’s exterior can be intimidating. Not to mention the time, money and worry of curb appeal that also comes along with making this investment decision. Luckily, we have put together some tips that can help you successfully navigate the task of choosing your concrete roof tile color.

First, identify your home’s architectural style. This can lend some guidance as to what color families will pair best. For example, a terracotta colored tile may not be the best fit for a Modern or Contemporary home, but would nicely complement a traditional Spanish architectural style. Your neighborhood can also serve as a great resource. Perhaps there are homes in your development that are similar to yours, providing inspiration and visualization of color schemes.

You’ll also want to consider existing elements that will serve as a base to build upon, such as stone, brick, pavers and paint. These elements will likely already have some hues that you should either include in your roof color or take into consideration when making the decision. Ignoring these elements and selecting whichever roof tile color is most popular in your region at the time, when it does not fit into your existing color scheme, can result in poor curb appeal and costly future renovations in attempt to make them all coincide.

Once you reach the point in the process to where you’ve narrowed down your possible concrete roof tile color to 2-3 options, obtain samples from your local Eagle Account Representative or Eagle Design Center. Take them home to compare to your existing exterior colors in person and view the samples outdoors at different times of the day to ensure you purchase the color that best suits your home. You can then notify your roofing contractor or builder, they will place an order for the tile, and you will have a new durable, aesthetically stunning concrete tile roof that you can enjoy for years to come.

If you’re in need of additional concrete roof tile color selection tips or suggestions for your home, schedule a design consultation at one of Eagle’s five design centers. Our Design Center Coordinators are able to assist you in-person, over the phone or via email for your convenience. Contact us today!

Eagle Design Corner: Achieving Old World Flare with a Specialty Hip Installation

Many homes across the western and southern areas of the United States draw on Spanish or Mediterranean influences in their architecture. This usually encompasses a tile roof, stucco finishes and arched entry ways. If you’re currently building a new home or reroofing an existing one that reflects one of these two styles, and you’re looking to give it some extra Old-World flare, you may want to inquire with your certified and bonded roofing contractor about a specialty hip installation that would require stacking the end of the hips (the sloping ridge of a roof where two perpendicular slopes meet).

Stacked hips would be considered a specialty installation and is normally associated with an added cost. In addition, it can only be done with a large S-shaped tile, such as Eagle Roofing Products’ Capistrano profile. Traditional installations call for the placement of one piece of trim at the bottom of each hip. The end can be left open in some regions depending on the installation codes, or it can be finished with mortar or a preformed mortar hip starter as displayed in the photo on the left. A stylish departure from the norm is to stack tiles at the ends, creating a dramatic design element. The roofer will do so by stacking the tiles on top of each other using Eagle’s Boosted Accessory pieces or by using cut pieces of the Capistrano field tiles. You can choose to add to the look by using mortar between tiles, as shown in the photo on the right. 

Before your roofer can begin creating this authentic look, you’ll need to select your concrete roof tile color. Whether you’re trying to match your driveway pavers with a blend, accentuate the home’s trim with a range, or add a pop of color with a monochromatic tile, Eagle is sure to have the concrete roof tile color to complement your Spanish or Mediterranean style exterior.

Once you have decided on your roof color and feel that a specialty hip installation would be the perfect final touch, consult with your professional roofing contractor. It is important to discuss this option prior to having the tiles ordered and installed since the roofing contractor is ultimately responsible for the planning, layout and proper installation of the tile.

For more information on specialty hip installations or to view the colors available in our Capistrano concrete roof tile color offering in your region, visit www.eagleroofing.com.

Eagle Design Corner: How Eagle’s Design Centers Can Help You

With over 150 color offerings and 10 different tile profiles available, concrete roof tile manufacturer Eagle Roofing Products understands that selecting the right concrete roof tile for your project can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we gladly offer customers complimentary services at each of our six Design Center across the United States.

Whether you’re a homeowner, roofing contractor, architect, or home builder, Eagle’s trained Design Center Coordinators are experts in our products and are prepared to assist you, or your client, throughout the concrete roof tile selection process. Each Design Center is equipped with:

  • Regional product literature and informational flyers
  • Architectural binders, technical specifications, permit submission information, product approvals and installation guides
  • Professional showroom featuring full piece tile displays showcasing Eagle’s various concrete roof tile colors, profiles, components, including Energy Star and Cool Roof Rated Tiles
  • Digital roof photos and installation addresses for specific areas (product permitting)
  • FREE tile samples

To get begin your concrete roof tile selection process, locate an Eagle Design Center nearest you using the map above and contact the corresponding Design Center Coordinator. If there is not one in your immediate area, don’t fret as our Design Center Coordinators are able to accommodate your needs by providing consultations and tile specific information over the phone or via email.

Eagle Design Corner: Slate Inspired Concrete Roof Tile

Known for its unique appearance and durability, natural slate tile has been used as a roofing material for centuries. The weight and expense of slate tile, which is made from natural metamorphic rock, have made it unattainable for many property owners. That’s why concrete roof tile manufacturer, Eagle Roofing Products, offers a slate inspired concrete roof tile collection that emulates the look, feel and longevity of natural slate at a more affordable cost.

The collection consists of two profiles; Textured Slate and Tapered Slate. The Textured Slate profile embodies an exquisite texture, beveled sides and a beautiful edge treatment that adds artful elegance to both modern and classic design styles, including Modern Colonial, Chateau, and Victorian. Each blend provides natural tones found in real slate. From smoky shades of charcoal to three-dimensional shades of garnet, gray, and chocolate, you’re sure to find a color combination that you’ll love.


A more subtle adaptation of natural slate, the Tapered Slate profile features a beautiful smooth texture, beveled sides and an aggressive chamfered edge treatment. This concrete roof tile profile not only satisfies the foundation for many different styles of architecture such as Victorian, Colonial and Bungalow, but it also provides added dimension to the roof while highlighting the inherent beauty of traditional slate. Colors available in this profile range from a variety of timeless earth tones, providing a stunning roofscape for both residential and commercial projects.

Interested in selecting the Textured or Tapered Slate concrete roof tile profile for your upcoming roofing project? Contact your local Eagle Account Representative or begin your browsing online today!