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Eagle Design Corner: Before and After Photos of an Eagle Concrete Roof Tile Installation

While your home’s roof may not be the first thing you look at when pulling into your driveway each day, its appearance can actually have a significant impact on the overall look of your home’s exterior. In fact, it accounts for 40 percent of a home’s curb appeal! That’s why it’s so important to choose a roofing material that is not only durable and long-lasting, but also stunning.

A concrete tile roof from Eagle Roofing Products can provide that gorgeous look, while increasing the resale value of your residential property and protecting your overall structure. Here are some before and after photos that show just how much of an impact a new roof can make.

Prior to having a new Eagle concrete tile roof installed, the home pictured above appears dull and outdated with an old, worn out gray asphalt shingle roof. Once Eagle’s 49102 Textured Slate Heathrow Blend is installed, the home breathes new life! The green hues of the tile coupled by the dimension provided by the profile’s texture, beveled sides and an aggressive chamfered edge gives the home an updated and refreshing feel.

Before re-roofing, the home featured above is washed-out and merely blends in with the surrounding oaks, exhibiting zero character. Now, instead of competing with the landscaping, the home is complementing it with the addition of Eagle’s 3555 Capistrano Alhambra concrete roof tile. The appeal that the S-shaped terracotta-hued roof delivers is transformational and distinctive.

Not only can Eagle’s concrete roof tiles visually transform your exterior, but they can also provide your home with the ultimate level of protection. Concrete roof tiles are Class A fire rated and, in most cases, can meet up to a Class 4 hail rating. When properly installed, they can withstand sustained wind speeds up to 180mph and offer an added layer of built-in protection as the tile itself provides a tough, water shedding outer shell with the underlayment working as an extra shield. The product’s lifespan also exceeds that of any other roofing material, lasting 75 years or more.

So, whether you’re re-roofing because of recent storm damage or you’re just wanting to maximize your home’s curb appeal, a new Eagle Roofing Products’ concrete tile roof is sure to upgrade your exterior’s appearance while providing long-term protection and peace of mind.

To begin browsing our complete color offering for your re-roof project, visit: https://eagleroofing.com/browse-tile/.

Serving ‘The Eagle Way’ for 30 Years

Since the company’s establishment in 1989, Eagle Roofing Products has transformed from a small business with just five employees into the largest USA owned, USA made concrete roof tile manufacturer in the United States. Over the years, we have come to attribute our successes and growth to our philosophy that revolves around growing personal relationships; one we like to call The Eagle Way. Here’s what a few of our team members said when asked what this philosophy means to them.

“For me, The Eagle Way encompasses the concept of doing business as easy and helpful as possible for the internal, as well as external customer. It is built upon the foundational values of courtesy, responsiveness, respectfulness and a commitment to help anyone that we are interacting with in a way that will meet their needs as quickly and friendly as possible.” – Kristin Anderson, Account Representative

To be as helpful as you can be to your internal customers as well as the external customers and to treat everyone as you would like to be treated.” – Annette Sindar, Technical and Marketing Administrator

“The Eagle Way is focusing on what helps our customers become successful in their respective markets. It is the unselfish pursuit of excellence in all departments for our customers benefit.” – Rick Osborn, Senior Regional Sales Manager

 “It means building lasting relationships with all of the people we interact with – from truck drivers to distributors and homeowners – by making the choice every day to go above and beyond to meet their needs.” – Alma Gallardo-Ayala, Customer Service Specialist 

“The Eagle Way is not a philosophy but it is an Action. It is always doing everything with integrity and with others in mind.” – Dave Morse, Senior Account Representative

While serving The Eagle Way is interpreted and executed differently by each of our employees, in the end, it is simply providing unparalleled customer service. Whether you are a builder, roofer, contractor, architect, designer or homeowner, you are a valued partner to all of us at Eagle Roofing Products and we will continue to service your needs The Eagle Way for years to come.

To learn more about Eagle Roofing Products, visit www.eagleroofing.com.

3 Tips to Ensure Your Concrete Tile Roof Remains in Tiptop Shape

It is well known that concrete tile roofs are among the most sustainable, aesthetically stunning and extremely durable roofing options to choose from, providing years of protection to homes they’re installed upon. Like any roofing system, however, a concrete tile roof must be properly maintained in order to reach its maximum life expectancy. Here are some tips on how to do so!


To ensure your concrete tile roof is performing to its upmost potential, annual roof inspections are recommended. It is advised that you hire a licensed and certified roofing contractor to perform a thorough roof inspection of both the outside and inside of the roofline, such as the attic. This will allow them to check for underlying issues with the underlayment and possible leaks. The contractor can then provide a detailed report on the status of your roof, including life expectancy and estimates for necessary repairs.


If you have a concrete tile roof currently installed, it is important to note that minor repairs may need to be performed to ensure your home remains properly protected. Tiles can break, crack, or chip due to inclement weather or improper foot traffic. Often times, it can be difficult to spot broken tiles from ground level. If they go unnoticed or unfixed, bigger issues within the roofing system may arise. In order to ensure these troublesome areas are caught early and repaired, be sure to schedule your annual roof inspection.


Throughout the years, you may notice a buildup of algae, mold and mildew on your tile roof. This is typical of all-natural materials and, while these types of biological pollutants are not harmful to the integrity of the tile, some homeowners may consider their appearance less than desirable. If you decide it is time to have your tile roof cleaned, it is recommended that you use only water with the water pressure never exceeding 1200 pounds per square inch (psi) with addition of a cleaner, depending on how dirty the roof appears. Walking on a roof can be difficult and dangerous and introducing water only heightens these concerns, so it is recommended your concrete tile roof be cleaned by a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor that has experience with tile roofs.

To get started on your concrete tile roof’s routine maintenance, visit the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance to find a certified tile roofing professional that provides inspection and cleaning services in your area.

For additional questions or concerns regarding your concrete tile roof, please contact your local Eagle Account Representative.

Eagle Design Corner: Summer Inspired Concrete Roof Tiles

The summer season is upon us! It’s such a joyous time of year; the days are longer, filled with sunshine, fully bloomed flowers and, if you’re lucky, a vacation or two. It is also a popular time of year for re-roofs. If you’re having a new roof installed on your home, let this blissful time of year inspire you to choose from a sea of beautiful colors and profiles that only a concrete tile roof can offer. Here are a few seasonally influenced concrete roof tile options manufactured by Eagle Roofing Products to help get you started.


Terracotta Gold

Like a summer sunset, Eagle’s Terracotta Gold concrete roof tile has hues of terracotta with gold flashing, sure to brighten up your outdoor space. This tile color pairs beautifully with a neutral cream or tan body paint color.


Mount Dora Blend

The cool grays found in Eagle’s Mount Dora Blend concrete roof tile makes for the perfect choice for a light and breezy Coastal style home. Complementing paints of sandy tans, off-whites and soft grays, this tile creates an exterior look that feels equally soothing and inviting.


Palo Verde

Incorporate the subtle hues of nature into your exterior with a calm and neutral green concrete roof tile, like Eagle’s Palo Verde. Light green with black and maroon streaks, this roof tile selection flows nicely with a simple paint scheme with stone accents.


Give your home the new roof and curb appeal it deserves this summer season by selecting an Eagle Roofing Products’ concrete tile roof that you’ll love year-round!

To browse all other Eagle concrete roof tiles available in your area, www.eagleroofing.com. If you have questions or need assistance in your roof selection process, contact your local Eagle Account Representative or Eagle Design Center nearest you.

*Roof tile colors featured may not be available in your area. Similar palettes may be available and suggested as an alternative by your local Eagle Account Representative.

Resources Available to Make Your Eagle Concrete Roof Tile Selection Process Easier

As the largest concrete roof tile manufacturer in the United States, Eagle Roofing Products has over 150 colors selections and 10 profiles of different shapes and textures available for customers to choose from. While finding the right concrete roof tile for your project in a sea of options may seem difficult, we make it easy by providing you with countless resources at your fingertips.

Available 24/7, www.eagleroofing.com is a hub for educational information regarding our company and our products. Here you can download regional brochures, browse high-resolution concrete roof tile panel shots and installation images, learn about installation practices and upgrades, and much more. You can also submit a contact form to either have a representative contact you directly, request literature or request tile samples – all at the click of a button and completely free.

We also have Eagle Account Representatives throughout the United States and Canada available to assist with all aspects of the concrete roof tile selection process. Equipped with a wealth of information, they are happy to educate you on concrete roof tile, make recommendations as to what products will complement your project at hand and aid in the ordering process.

In the event that you need additional help with choosing your tile, complimentary design consultations –either in person, via phone or through email – are available with one of our trained Design Center Coordinators. All of Eagle’s Design Centers offer a professional showroom setting featuring Eagle tile, components and resources necessary to make selecting a concrete tile roof easier.

No matter where you are located or how much assistance you need with your concrete roof tile selection process, rest assured Eagle is here to help!

For more information on Eagle Roofing Products, visit www.eagleroofing.com.

Introducing Eagle Roofing Products’ New Component Line: Secure Tile Roof Components

Since 1989, Eagle Roofing Products has been the industry leader in the building and roofing industries, offering the largest selection of stunning and sustainable concrete roof tiles; however, we are more than just roof tile. Here at Eagle, we understand that for a functional roof to last decades, quality must extend beyond the primary roofing material. That’s why we have developed our own components offering, Secure Tile Roof Components, designed to create strong and reliable roof system that will properly protect any residential or commercial structure.

Our Secure Tile Roof Components offering includes:

Secure Roll – Available in two sizes, Secure Roll is a flexible flashing material that can be used to make transition areas of a roof watertight. It is applicable to details such as sidewalls, headwalls, chimneys, skylights, pitch changes and roof penetrations.


Arched Battens – Made specifically by Eagle, Arched Battens are raised battens that provide an attachment for roof tiles with anchor lugs and promote airflow under a tile roof. By raising the tiles to create more airspace, the roof is more insulated in hot climates reducing heat transfer into the home, ice damming can be prevented in colder regions, and it’s easier for tile to dry out in wet, humid regions.


Rake Seal – Designed for flat tile roofs, Rake Seal is a weatherblocking material that takes the place of rake tile or mortar on rake edges. This product is available in two sizes for roofs with battens and for those without.



Although each of these components can be used independently of one another, using them together in conjunction with Eagle concrete roof tiles will result in a dynamic tile roof system that is second to none.

For more information on Eagle’s Secure Tile Roof Components, including pricing and availability, please contact your local Eagle Account Representative.

Eagle Roofing Products Expands AIA Course Offering with New CE Course

In 2017, Eagle Roofing Products partnered with Ron Blank and Associates and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to become a registered provider with AIA Continuing Education Systems (AIA/CES). This enabled us to expand our architectural specification resources with the creation of a course that would make learning about our products an effortless process for design professionals. Now, we have expanded our resource library even further with the addition of the one-hour long course, Concrete Tile Roofing: The World’s Most Sustainable and Energy Efficient Roofing System.

Contrary to our other CE course offerings, Concrete Tile Roofing: The World’s Most Sustainable and Energy Efficient Roofing System not only grants participants with the opportunity to earn 1 AIA LU/Health Safety & Welfare (HSW) CE Hour upon completion, but also 1 GBCI General Hour.

The course was created by our company’s very own industry experts and takes an in-depth look at the sustainability and energy efficient attributes of concrete tile roofing. This includes its near zero-waste manufacturing process, life-cycle cost, and performance in comparison to temporary asphalt shingle roofing. It also covers the product’s installation process and how it enhances the inherent thermal mass attributes of concrete roof tile.

Offered in a Lunch ‘n Learn classroom setting at a design firm or office, this instructor-led program is presented by an InfoSpec registered Subject Matter Expert. Throughout the program, participants will enjoy a complimentary catered lunch as they engage in the informative 50-minute PowerPoint presentation concluded by a 10-minute Q&A session period. In addition, tile samples and informational materials are provided to further aid in specifying concrete roof tile on future projects.

If you are interested in learning more about the CE course or would like to set up a future Lunch and Learn for your firm, simply contact your local Eagle Account Representative.

Eagle Design Corner: Contemporary Concrete Roof Tile Installations

While concrete roof tiles are often thought of as a traditional Old World-like roofing option, they can pair just as beautifully with modern architectural styles; especially when selecting a contemporary installation method. These methods include mitered ridges, rakeless and metal rake installations.

Only applicable to flat tiles, a mitered ridge is executed by cutting the field tiles to meet at the adjoining ridgeline and hips. This offers a more minimalistic appearance than traditional hip and ridge applications while ensuring weather blocking throughout the roof.

A similar look can be achieved along the rake with a rake wedge. Products such as Eagle Roofing Products’ Rake Seal eliminate the use of a 90-degree rake piece, resulting in fluidity and clean edges along the roofscape for a more modern feel. It is also is an easier, more cost-effective alternative that prevents weather, debris and animal intrusion at all rake edges and gable ends, and is not visible once installed.

While rakeless installs using a rake wedge are only applicable to flat tile roofs, metal rakes can be used with all concrete roof tile profile shapes and facilitate a similar purpose. The metal strips are visible along the rake when installed, but can be painted to match the exterior’s trim or fascia color.

If you are interested in selecting one of these contemporary installations, consult with your professional roofing contractor prior to having the tiles ordered and installed as traditional rake/ridge tiles will not be ordered.

For more information on Eagle Roofing Products, or concrete roof tile, visit www.eagleroofing.com.

Eagle Armor by APOC: Eagle’s High-Performance Underlayment

Here at Eagle Roofing Products, we are committed to producing quality roofing products that provide the upmost protection against the elements for homes and commercial properties. That’s why we have teamed up with APOC, a premier manufacturer of construction and maintenance products, to create Eagle Armor by APOC.

Engineered with a patented three compound adhesive system and reinforced seamed technology, Eagle Armor by APOC is a premium, all-purpose fleece top underlayment and leak barrier that pairs beautifully with concrete roof tile applications, as well as metal roofing systems, foam and mechanically fastened roof systems. It is highly rubberized and manufactured with dual reinforcements and a flexible membrane to provide protection against the most extreme weather conditions, including wind driven rain, ice dams, leaks and water intrusion. Other features include UV protection, temperature resistance and a 30 Year Protection Plus Limited Warranty associated with Eagle Armor by APOC.

In addition, Eagle Amor by APOC voids high costs and difficult installation practices for new construction and re-roof jobs. The specially formulated underlayment is comprised of a 100 percent waterproof and nail sealable membrane and a split release film for an easier, faster installation and clean lines. In addition, its Safe-Step Fleece-Top® surface allows for added traction for greater walkability during the install.

Eagle Armor by APOC is only available to East Coast customers at this time. For more information, or to receive a free sample, contact your local Eagle Account Representative today.

Concrete Roof Tile & Weathering Effects

Concrete roof tiles are among the most durable, long-lasting roofing materials, often withstanding the worst conditions nature can offer without compromising the material’s protective properties; however, the surface of any product left unattended will show signs of aging over time, and concrete roof tiles are no exception.

When selecting a concrete roof tile, you will be choosing from one of two color application options: slurry/color bonded or color-through. A slurry/color bonded tile is created by applying a concentrated slurry coat of cement-infused pigment to the top surface following extrusion. This type of product is usually chosen when high contrast, bright colors are desired. Slurry coated tiles can oxidize and turn chalky before gradually wearing down to the gray or white concrete base. If this happens over time, you have the option of re-coating your roof with a 100% acrylic paint.

Color-through tiles are made by mixing the iron oxide coloring directly into the cement prior to being placed into the tile molds. This colored cement will be drawn to the surface of the tile, giving it the initial color shade. That layer is slightly softer than the body of the tile and will typically erode away within the first ten years, depending on the climate. This erosion will expose a larger percentage of the sand aggregate and result in an overall lightening of color. After this initial change, future erosion will occur at a dramatically slower pace and at no point in time will the integrity or durability of the tile be compromised.

As with any kind of roofing material installed on a residential or commercial building, weathering effects will happen and concrete roof tiles are no exception. However, periodic cleaning and/or resealing can rejuvenate and prolong the surface finish of either slurry or color-through concrete roof tile.

For additional questions or concerns regarding your concrete tile roof, please contact your local Eagle Account Representative.