About Eagle Founded over three decades ago in 1989 by Robert Burlingame, Eagle Roofing Products is the only concrete roof tile manufacturer that is American founded and owned. With our headquarters and first production facility located in Rialto, CA, and additional manufacturing plants in Stockton, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Sumterville, FL, as well as stocking […]

Roofs, the silent guardians of our homes, endure relentless assaults from the elements day in and day out. They withstand scorching sun rays, torrential rains, gusty winds and heavy snow loads, protecting us and our belongings from harm. Behind every durable and reliable roof lies a crucial element often overlooked yet indispensable: underlayment. Just like […]

Rich, earthy colors collide to bring you The Copper Series, our new collection inspired by the beauty of semi-weathered slate. Enhanced with warm orange-brown streaking that emulates the look of copper, these opulent colorways will effortlessly take your curb appeal to new heights. Continue reading to discover how the organic, timeless feel of this collection […]

Elevating your roofscape with a gorgeous concrete tile roof is the perfect way to create endless curb appeal for your residential or commercial property. At Eagle, we offer a variety of tile profiles that can satisfy any design craving, from the Mediterranean flare of our Capistrano silhouette to the contemporary look of Bel Air. As […]

At Eagle, we want to be specifiers’ one-stop shop for any resources they need when using our concrete roof tile. We are dedicated to providing you with the best tools possible to make specifying Eagle tile a seamless, high-quality experience. To discuss your next project using our roof tiles, contact your local Eagle Account Representative […]

  At Eagle, we pride ourselves on having the best technical team in the concrete roof tile industry. Equipped with extensive knowledge and many years of experience in roofing, they are here to answer any questions you may have about our tiles, components, product installations or other technical topics. We asked our Director of Business […]

At Eagle, we’re all about creating and providing continuing learning and education opportunities for both our team members and our customers. Whether it’s attending conferences and seminars, enabling our clients to participate in hands on training or offering CE and development courses, Eagle offers a variety of avenues to keep growing professionally. As a registered […]

Whenever possible, it is imperative that you receive a sample before buying an item sight unseen. This holds true even more so when making a large purchase, such as selecting a new roof for your residential or commercial project. In addition to the cost of a new roofscape, another reason to order a sample is […]

Make designing your next residential or commercial project easier by utilizing the multitude of tools located on our Specifier Tools web page. Eagle Roofing Products can assist design professionals in achieving their development goals with beautiful, top quality concrete roofing materials that are not only unrivaled in the industry, but also durable and long-lasting. Our […]

If you live in a region susceptible to extreme weather, like tropical storms or Santa Ana winds, a common concern may be whether your roof covering can protect your property from such conditions. If you are in the market for a new roof, consider the following. An Eagle concrete tile roof can withstand winds of […]

Choosing a concrete tile roof grants homeowners a long lasting and stunning centerpiece for any home. In addition to luxurious curb appeal, the product embodies inherent energy efficiency properties that reflects the sun’s rays and emits heat at larger rates than other roofing materials. However, what if you could further enhance your tile roof’s energy […]

Eagle Goes Green While many companies claim environmental responsibility as an aspiration or core value, at Eagle, it is more than that. It’s not just a part of what we do, it’s who we are. Eagle Roofing Products is dedicated to practicing environmental responsibility in everything we do. From the manufacturing process to the final […]

When it comes to selecting a concrete tile roof, choosing the proper components that make up the roof is just as important as choosing the right profile and color. While you may think you can’t see them, components like attic vents can actually affect the overall aesthetic of your new roof. That’s why Eagle Roofing […]

The new year is here and 2020 is already off to an exciting start for Eagle Roofing Products and its customers with some recent company news. In December, a press release was published discussing the expansion of Eagle’s Sumterville, FL manufacturing facility. The project was set in motion last year when 40,000 new flat tile molds […]

When considering switching from a flimsy, temporary roofing material, such as asphalt shingles, to an enduring concrete tile roof, you may be wondering if your home’s structure will provide adequate support. Luckily, concrete roof tile manufacturer, Eagle Roofing Products, offers a reimbursement program should your home require a structural inspection. Generally, homes built within the […]

For 30 years, not only has Eagle Roofing Products made manufacturing products to the upmost quality a top priority, but we have also made a concerted effort to conveniently provide the architectural tools necessary for specifying them. That’s why we offer a multitude of information and resources at your disposal. One resource in particular is […]

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