When it comes to planning and designing commercial and residential projects, Eagle Roofing Products wants to make specifying and learning about our products an effortless process for design professionals. That’s why we offer a multitude of resources at your disposal, including: Architectural Binders (in some locations) Technical Specifications Permit Submission Information and Product Approvals Tile […]

If you’re considering selecting one of Eagle Roofing Products’ flat concrete roof tile profiles for your home or commercial structure, and want to give the exterior more of a modern style, there are several rakeless detail options you can choose from to deliver this effect. Traditional flat tile installations include a 90-degree rake piece that […]

Throughout the company’s 30 years in existence, Eagle Roofing Products has manufactured concrete roof tiles that have graced millions of roofs and thousands of communities throughout the United States and Canada, resulting in unsurpassed curb appeal and instant resale value. The company’s well-deserved reputation for quality products and commitment to establishing enduring customer relationships has […]

With so many concrete roof tile manufacturers to choose from, you may be wondering what makes Eagle Roofing Products’ concrete roof tiles different from the rest. Let’s find out! Eagle’s flat concrete roof tiles are designed with a deeper and thicker water channel than competing tiles. A more substantial water channel ensures rain water properly […]

With over 150 color offerings and 10 different tile profiles available, concrete roof tile manufacturer Eagle Roofing Products understands that selecting the right concrete roof tile for your project can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we gladly offer customers complimentary services at each of our six Design Center across the United States. Whether […]

Intake: Air enters the roof system through a perforated metal eave closure. A standard eave closure offers a small drainage opening and does not encourage air intake.

Airflow: Air travels from the eave under the roof tiles. The velocity of airflow under the roof tiles is elevated by using Eagle’s Arched Battens. Arched Battens are produced from graded lumber and are available in natural or treated wood. Their single piece construction ensures structural rigidity and does not require the use of special “raised” metals.

It is well known that concrete roof tiles are inherently energy efficient, durable and sustainable. Eagle Roofing Products has taken these benefits a step further with the development of the Ventilated Roof System, a new roof system that has the potential to facilitate added energy efficiency and a greater lifespan [...]

Here at Eagle Roofing Products, we strive not only to produce high quality concrete roof tile for our customers, but also to make specifying our products as convenient as possible for building and design professionals. That is why we offer product samples, CSI specifications, CAD Construction Details and hatch patterns all at the click of a […]

Selecting the right roofing contractor can be difficult as is, let alone choosing the right roofing material or manufacturer. If you have decided that a concrete tile roof is the best choice for your home, then we recommend that in addition to colors and profiles, you look at that manufacturer’s warranty.  Eagle Roofing Products, for […]

Choosing a concrete tile roof for your commercial or residential project isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment. Thus, you should know what and who you’re investing in. When you choose Eagle Roofing Products, you’re choosing a concrete roof tile manufacturer with experience and history in the industry. Eagle Roofing Products is a division of […]

Here at Eagle Roofing Products, relationships are the core of our business and we are always striving to be your company of choice. That’s why we have made it simple for design professionals to learn more about concrete roof tile and specify our products for residential and commercial projects. Eagle Roofing Products offers product samples, […]

If you are currently building a new home or renovating an existing one that reflects Spanish style architecture, don’t think you have to choose a clay tile roof to achieve a genuine Old World look. You can easily emulate this gorgeous design effect without the premium cost of clay by choosing Eagle Roofing Product’s Boosted […]

The season of summer is finally here. That means school is out, vacations are underway and outside temperatures are on the rise! You may start to notice an increase in your energy costs, as well. Unfortunately, there’s no changing the harsh heat of summer, but there is a way to change how your residential or […]

For centuries, concrete roof tiles have been one of the most popular sloped roofing products due to their unsurpassed beauty and durability. Before modern technology, these tiles were made primarily by hand, or by semi-hand operated machines. Now, the process has transformed into a strategic, mechanical method that has enabled concrete roof tile manufacturing plants […]

Since opening our doors in 1989, the primary objective for Eagle Roofing Products has been to build lasting relationships with our customers while providing them with concrete roof tile products of the highest quality. Every Eagle Associate, from sales to manufacturing to management, performs his/her duties with the singular goal of customer satisfaction. However, what […]

Eagle Roofing Products began operations with one high-pressure concrete tile extrusion machine. Throughout the past 27 years, we have grown to four manufacturing plants with our Rialto, California facility being the largest concrete roof tile manufacturing plant in North America. Eagle has grown due to a philosophy that revolves around growing personal relationships and customer […]

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