Roof Maintenance

Rid Your Tile Roof of Mold and Algae in Time for Summer

With the hot and sunny season of summer just around the corner, those annual BBQs and pool parties will soon be underway. But before the fun can begin, you’ll want to make sure your home is in tip-top shape for friends and family to visit – starting with your roof.

After the wet, rainy season of spring, you may notice what appears to be black or green streaks on your concrete tile roof. This is mildew and/or algae growth, which is completely normal and in no way affects the integrity of your roof. The mildew and algae do not grow directly on the roof tile. The growth is actually caused by the amassing of dust and other organic materials that settle on the tile’s surface. When moisture and sunlight are present, algae and mildew spores may begin to form. Many variables play a role in the growth of mildew and algae including the location of the structure, exposure to the sun, exposure to dew, surrounding trees and bodies of water.

Mildew and algae growth may occur at any time during the life of the roof. The environmental factors mentioned above will contribute to its presence, or reemergence on a previously cleaned roof. Fortunately, mildew and algae can be easily removed or treated without compromising the durability of the concrete tile. If you decide to have your tile roof cleaned, it is recommended that you hire an insured and bonded roofing contractor to do so.

Also, be sure to have your roof inspected for any broken, cracked or missing roof tiles. It is important to have these areas of concern inspected by a professional to prevent a more serious issue from occurring such as roof leaks, water damage, or rodent intrusion. 

Once your roof is cleaned and weatherproofed, it’s time to bring out the iced lemonade, get those burgers on the grill, and enjoy the sunny weather!

For more information regarding tile roof maintenance, take a look at Eagle’s Quick Facts guide, or contact your local Eagle Account Representative.

Spring Roof Maintenance

With the chilly winter months behind us and the warmer, wetter weather approaching, now is the time for spring cleaning.  When creating your to-do list, remember that your exterior is just as important as your interior, especially when it comes to your roof. After weeks of sustaining such climatic elements as harsh winds, strong storms and drastic fluctuations in temperatures associated with winter, your roof may need some attention. Let’s take a look at a few steps to follow to ensure your roof is ready for another season.

Start from the ground up. Begin your roof inspection with a brief walk around the building. Be sure to keep an eye out for any water damage in the fascia areas, loose rain gutters or downspouts, missing or cracked roof tiles or shingles, and any other roof damage.

Take a closer look. Using a ladder and proper safety equipment, check rain gutters and downspouts for debris such as leaves, branches and nests. Do not try to remove excessive debris with a water hose as it may cause downspouts to clog and the affect the roof drainage system. While you’re up there, also look for any unusually sunken areas or ponding of water.

Trim those limbs. Check the roof line for overhanging trees and bushes. Trim back branches to reduce debris buildup in gutters and potential mold and algae growth on roof tiles. If you notice mold or algae growth on your roof, you may want to consider having your roof cleaned by a professional. Not only will this help with aesthetics, but it will also reveal any problem areas throughout your roof, while removing any obstructions that may interfere with the roof’s natural drainage process. 

Contact a professional. If you happened to notice any concerning areas during your springtime roof inspection, do not try to fix it yourself. Contact an insured and bonded roofing contractor to take a look. It is important to have these areas of concern inspected by a professional to prevent a more serious issue from occurring that could result in an entire roof replacement.

By following these necessary steps and dealing with these potential issues early on, your roof will remain beautiful and leak free for seasons to come. Let the spring cleaning begin!

For more information regarding tile roof maintenance, visit, or contact your local Eagle Account Representative.