2024 Color of the Year

Bridgeport Blend Copper

2024 Color of the Year
Bridgeport Blend Copper

Inspired by Nature’s Beauty

Introducing Bridgeport Blend Copper*, a beautiful palette inspired by nature’s beauty. Drawing from the charcoal grays of rugged mountain terrains to the cinnamon-brown hues of Sequoia trees and the orange-reddish-browns that distinguishes the metal Copper, there is no better landscape than our earth for color exploration.

So came to be our 2024 Color of the Year.

A gorgeous amalgamation of grays, taupe, brown and black with rust streaks, Bridgeport Blend Copper mimics the natural world and evokes feelings of warmth, harmony, tranquility and positive energy.

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*Not available in all regions. Bridgeport Blend Copper will be available in the Eastern United States and Canada by Q2 2024.

A Bridge Between Modern and Old-World Elegance

As part of our newest collection, The Copper Series, Bridgeport Blend Copper merges contemporary design and old-world elegance. Only curated in our Bel Air profile, the sleek face of the concrete roof tile with its clean edges and neutral body gives it a modern feel while the subtle orange luster streaks found throughout resembles the warm coloration of semi-weathered slate. It’s the perfect embodiment of both worlds.

Opening the door to an array of possibilities, this sought-after silhouette is an ideal fit for a variety of modern to traditional architectural styles while the primary colors of brown and gray are versatile enough to work with just about any palette and décor. The bonus feature? The gentle hints of copper toned hues, which will undoubtedly liven and refresh the overall exterior of any new construction project or structure in need of a roof replacement.

Blend of Grays, Taupe, Brown, Black, Rust Streaks 

RefAged Ref. (3 yr)EMIAged EMI. (3 yr)SRIAged SRI (3 yr)CRRC
.14 .16* .92 .92* 12 14* 0918-0119

A Fantastic Option for 2024 Design Trends and Beyond

The major paint companies and design experts have weighed in and the trend for 2024 and beyond is a move away from cool grays to an infusion of color. Warm neutrals, soothing blues, transitional greens, and spirited citrus hues will play a prominent role in both interior and exterior design. These familiar tones provide the perfect canvas for personal self-expression evoking feelings of comfort, tranquility, rejuvenation and hope. In the busy world we live in, consumers are yearning for mood-boosting options that nurture and provide us joy.

Bridgeport Blend Copper’s palette is the perfect companion for the 2024 Color of the Year paints and colors. The mixture of two timeless neutrals, brown and gray, allows homeowners and designers alike to create custom looks while the sun-kissed orangey streaks in the roof tile adds an element of earthy elegance and warmth.

Pair Bridgeport Blend Copper with uplifting blues, creamy whites and buttery yellows or dramatic hues comprised of black and graphite. It also works well with wood tones, rustic textures, brick and stone accents as well as mixed metals like brass, copper and iron for a gorgeous organic outdoor space.

Get Inspired

Sophisticated and effortlessly chic, a Bridgeport Blend Copper concrete tile roof allows for creativity and individuality to shine by creating your own custom exterior that no one else will have. Whether you prefer a monochromatic look, lean towards cozy tints, or love moody dark hues, Bridgeport Blend Copper is a timeless, organic roofscape that works well with just about any color scheme and will beautifully complement both modern and classic designs.

Create a sanctuary that exudes tranquility and balance. Explore the possibilities with a Bridgeport Blend Copper concrete tile roof.

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Bridgeport Blend Copper Inspiration

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