July 2023 Color of the Month
Rocklin Blend

Summertime calls for a durable shield to protect you from the sweltering heat and torrential rains. And nothing does that better than an enduring, energy efficient concrete tile roof. Reinvigorate your property’s exterior with a gorgeous new crown in July’s Color of the Month, Rocklin Blend*! Such a soothing, earthy fusion of light and dark browns with mocha hues elevates the curb appeal of a vast array of architectural styles and paints.

*Rocklin Blend is not available in all profiles in all regions. For a full list of products in your area, please visit the BROWSE TILE section of our website.

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Design Trends and Versatility

Design trends in 2023 call for earth tones with touches of bold color. Rocklin Blend is a splendid starting point for accomplishing this look on your home. These dreamy shades of chocolate are a great foundation for decorating with stonework, lush greenery, bright flowers and sandy beige exterior décor items such as couches or lounge chairs.

For a touch of Spanish influence, choose our medium barrel Malibu profile. The soft waves of this tile will look great on Floridian and Transitional homes that also pull inspiration from Contemporary architecture. Pair this roof with metal railings, palm plants and organic textures for a charming, stylish and on-trend appearance.

As shown here in our sleek Bel Air profile, Rocklin Blend pairs well with a variety of materials. From brick to wood to marble, you can customize the look of your abode to fit your personal preferences. Simple, decorative details such as mixed wood accents are fantastic for Tudor and Craftsman dwellings. Opt to keep it basic with a Modern style home by using a monochromatic palette and less small detailing, allowing the roof to stand out more on its own. You can even take inspiration from Rancho/Pueblo architecture and dress your home up with brown beams and awnings that match the color of the roofscape. The versatility of Rocklin Blend offers endless exterior design options.

Color Exploration

The versatile fawn tones of Rocklin Blend easily complement neutral, warm and cool colors. Whether you are going for a cozy summertime cottage or a coastal gray Cape Cod vibe, you can combine this roof tile with different paints to add elegance and sophistication to your structure.

Consider glossing your home in a creamy beige like Sherwin-Williams 6351 Sweet Orange for a clean foundation for the rest of your palette. A great trim option for added dimension is a deep, muted red such as Sherwin-Williams 6054 Canyon Clay. For further contrast, effortlessly decorate shutters, fascia and gutters with a warm chocolate tone like Sherwin-Williams 6055 Fiery Brown, which will emphasize the cocoa tinge of the concrete tiles. Lastly, incorporate a toasty, alluring pop of color with a burnt orange such as Sherwin-Williams 6356 Copper Mountain on flowerpots, outdoor umbrellas and patio furniture. This hue will add intensity and liven up the overall look, making it easy to welcome family and friends to your beautiful, inviting home.

If a monochromatic, calming gray scheme is more your speed, choose a base shade like Sherwin-Williams 7066 Gray Matters, a medium-toned ash paint. Distinguish windows and doors by trimming the home with an eggshell tint like Sherwin-Williams 7566 Westhighland White. This added brightness and contrast can be further accentuated with a deep raisin brown like Sherwin-Williams 2735 Rockweed on shutters, doorknobs, decking, plant pots and light fixtures. This hue is a great option for a dark garage door as well. To make the overall look light and airy, opt to gloss the exterior with the trim paint, SW 7566, instead. Tie the look together by using an elegant chestnut front door that will create unity between the home’s color palette and roofscape.

Choose an Eagle Rocklin Blend concrete tile roof for enhanced curb appeal and endless design possibilities. These enticing mocha tones are a gorgeous choice to elevate your property’s façade.

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