June 2024 Color of the Month

The summer heat of July is no joke, and neither is the beauty and durability of our concrete roof tiles. Protect your structure from the sweltering sun with a gorgeous new roof in July’s Color of the Month, Rockledge*.
If you appreciate the allure of modern design with a touch of natural charm, consider this stunning tile. Featuring a flat profile and captivating color palette of charcoal, rust and hints of red streaks, this roofscape embodies the essence of contemporary, earthy design trends. Embrace its understated elegance and durable craftsmanship to elevate your structure with a blend of style and functionality.

*Rockledge is not available in all profiles in all regions. For a full list of products in your area, please visit the BROWSE TILE section of our website.

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Design Trends and Versatility

Rockledge is designed to seamlessly integrate into modern architectural landscapes. Reminiscent of stunning slate formations found in mountain belts, this tile acts as a bridge between nature and structured design. Its flat profile and earth-toned hues create striking visual appeal that complements natural surroundings, a feature commonly found in today’s design trends. Whether your structure boasts clean lines and organic materials or features maximalist elements, this tile will enhance the overall aesthetic with its refined appearance.

Ideal for both residential and commercial buildings, Rockledge stands out for its ability to pair well with diverse environments while offering enhanced curb appeal and energy benefits. Such a gorgeous palette with a dark base and hints of warmth gives this tile the ability to appeal to various properties such as neighborhoods in the mountains, shopping plazas in the desert, contemporary homes on the water and more.

Not only is it a stunning aesthetic choice, but Rockledge also aligns with modern-day, eco-conscious building standards by being incredibly energy efficient. Despite its dark color, this roofscape is equipped with an invaluable quality of concrete roof tiles: high thermal mass. This is the ability of the material to store heat from the sun during the day and release it slowly into the attic at night. Rockledge is a testament to versatility in both design and functionality.

Color Exploration

There are many ways you can fashion your exterior, from a simple, minimalist approach, a busy maximalist vibe to something in between. Whatever look you choose to go with, paint colors are a key aspect of the overall appearance. Read on to discover shades we recommend pairing with this unique roof tile.

Consider chocolate tones for an inviting, earthy outdoor presence. A two-toned look can be achieved by glossing both Sherwin-Williams Ramie 6156 and Brevity Brown 6068 on the base. Incorporate them on different parts of the body of the structure to create visual interest and contrast. Next, paint your front door, garage door and trim with a darker hue like SW Black Bean 6006 for even more dimension. To balance out this scheme, use a mid-toned brown to paint or stain your existing furniture or as inspiration when picking out décor pieces, such as seat cushions, umbrellas and plant pots.

For a contemporary look that has been incredibly popular in recent years, go for a light base with black accents. Begin with SW Antique White 6119 to provide a clean, sleek foundation for the rest of your paints. Build upon that by coating your trim with a lighter tint like SW Creamy 7012 which will emphasize edges and borders. To add depth and contrast, use a black shade like SW Caviar 6990 on your garage door and shutters. Lastly, tie the look together with an accent color like SW Sierra Redwood 7598 that will bring out the rust streaks in the roofscape.

Choose Rockledge, the epitome of strength and enduring beauty A timeless representation of modern
design, this roofscape offers both aesthetics and functionality for any residential or commercial property.

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