Royal Palm

June 2024 Color of the Month
Royal Palm

Envision yourself in the midst of a sun-drenched beach scene, feeling the warmth of the sand beneath your feet and the salty breeze against your skin. From a cozy beachside café, you take in the relaxed charm of coastal cottages and weathered boardwalks, each exuding a sense of laid-back luxury. As you gaze out at the swaying palm trees and the endless expanse of the ocean, you find yourself drawn to the effortless elegance that surrounds you.

If the appeal of peaceful living speaks to you, consider Royal Palm*, a light gray roof tile that embodies the essence of shoreside harmony. With its serene hue reminiscent of the silvery shimmer of morning mist settling over the coastline, Royal Palm brings a touch of tranquility to any home. Embrace this concrete tile roof’s enduring beauty and durability while ensuring your personal retreat remains as timeless as the ocean itself.

*Royal Palm is not available in all profiles in all regions. For a full list of products in your area, please visit the BROWSE TILE section of our website.

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Design Trends and Versatility

In recent years, exterior design trends have shifted towards a harmonious blend of minimalism and a deep connection with nature, reflecting a desire for serenity and relaxation in a chaotic world. Modern homes now often feature clean lines, neutral color palettes and uncluttered spaces that allow the natural beauty of their surroundings to take center stage. Abodes with a waterside ambiance adopt sleek, bright exteriors and expansive windows that invite the outdoors in; every element is carefully curated to enhance the link with the coastal landscape. Sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, bamboo and eco-friendly textiles can further underscore this commitment to the environment, creating homes that not only embody a laid-back beach aesthetic but also tread lightly on the planet.

As one of Eagle’s lightest colored and most minimalistic roof tile selections, Royal Palm is a perfect choice to represent this calming, minimalistic atmosphere. Its gentle gray hues and subtle white streaks are easily paired with various stylish paint colors. Whether you’re yearning for a light, beachy vibe like the one described above or a darker, moodier look, this concrete roof tile gives you the flexibility to be creative. Available in two of our sophisticated profiles, the flat Bel Air and medium barrel Malibu, it allows plenty of options for transforming your property’s exterior from drab to fab.

Color Exploration

On its own, Royal Palm embodies as much elegance and regality as the name suggests. This ethereal roofscape can be elevated to even greater heights when paired with popular color palettes and outdoor elements. Check out the schemes we crafted for you below to find inspiration for your sanctuary.

A blend of neutrals with a soothing pop of color is the perfect way to connect your property with the tones found in nature. Start off with a clean base by glossing the body of your home in a cool-toned white like Sherwin-Williams Ice Cube 6252. Next, emphasize your trim with a medium gray-brown such as SW Sticks & Stones 7503. Using a deeper shade like SW Dark Brown 7520, you can add depth and dimension to shutters, fascia boards, gutters or even decks. Finally, let a light teal blue such as SW Meander Blue 6484 speak for itself and liven up the look. Incorporate it on your front door, garage door, outdoor pillows or rugs for an idyllic reminder of the beautiful hues of a clear, relaxing ocean.

Craft a contrasting, bolder look with these contemporary paint colors that will make the roofscape stand out. Set the tone with a dark paint like SW Tricorn Black 6258 on the body of your structure. Coat an eggshell tint like SW Snowbound 7004 on your front door and garage door to distinguish them from the rest of the house. Next, tie in the tones of the rooftop by adding a soft gray like SW Zircon 7667 to light fixtures, staircases, porch swings or other elements. To finish off the look with a daring color, incorporate a rich ruby red like SW Heartthrob 6866 on your flowerpots, pillows and other decorative accents. You can also add the black and white tones to your outdoor furniture to keep the theme consistent throughout the scenery.

Craft your own serene retreat with the enduring beauty and durability of a Royal Palm* concrete tile roof, ensuring your unique haven stands strong against the elements while exuding the timeless charm of coastal living.

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