Eagle Design Corner: Contemporary Concrete Roof Tile Installations

While concrete roof tiles are often thought of as a traditional Old World-like roofing option, they can pair just as beautifully with modern architectural styles; especially when selecting a contemporary installation method. These methods include mitered ridges, rakeless and metal rake installations.

Only applicable to flat tiles, a mitered ridge is executed by cutting the field tiles to meet at the adjoining ridgeline and hips. This offers a more minimalistic appearance than traditional hip and ridge applications while ensuring weather blocking throughout the roof.

A similar look can be achieved along the rake with a rake wedge. Products such as Eagle Roofing Products’ Rake Seal eliminate the use of a 90-degree rake piece, resulting in fluidity and clean edges along the roofscape for a more modern feel. It is also is an easier, more cost-effective alternative that prevents weather, debris and animal intrusion at all rake edges and gable ends, and is not visible once installed.

While rakeless installs using a rake wedge are only applicable to flat tile roofs, metal rakes can be used with all concrete roof tile profile shapes and facilitate a similar purpose. The metal strips are visible along the rake when installed, but can be painted to match the exterior’s trim or fascia color.

If you are interested in selecting one of these contemporary installations, consult with your professional roofing contractor prior to having the tiles ordered and installed as traditional rake/ridge tiles will not be ordered.

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