Eagle Platinum Tile FAQ

What is so different about Eagle Platinum Tile compared to the rest of your products or your competitors?

Eagle Platinum Tile is a premium product that has all of the great qualities of our current Eagle Tile offering. What makes the product so incredibly unique is the deep penetrating clear coating that is added to the tile, which has the energy benefits of a thermal insulating protectant and resistance to the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, streaks and stains. This coating can be re-applied every 10 years to extend the long-term performance of the tile.

Is Eagle Platinum Tile available in all profiles and colors?

Yes, it is available in all of our profiles. In addition, it is available in all of our colors except slurries and our Artisan series.

How quickly can I get Eagle Platinum Tile?

There is a 4 week minimum production lead time.

As a Homeowner, why would I purchase this product?

Reduces energy costs, lowers cleaning & maintenance costs and its weather resistance properties are just a few of the benefits that you will enjoy with the purchase of Eagle Platinum Tile.

What is the warranty on Eagle Platinum Tile?

Eagle offers a limited lifetime warranty on its roof tile products, while the manufacturer, INI Worldwide, who produces the Crystal Protectant Coating offers its own separate warranty on the coating. Both warranties must be registered separately.

How do I order Eagle Platinum Tile or get further questions answered?

Contact one of our local Eagle Account Representatives.