Manufacturing Process

Eagle Roofing Products – Committed to Environmental Responsibility

Eagle Roofing Products takes its commitment to environmental responsibility seriously. That’s why Eagle leads all other concrete roof tile manufacturers in its recycling and re-use activities. Eagle makes a concerted effort to reduce haul-off from all four of its plants while purchasing the most energy efficient and environmentally safe equipment it can find.

Recycling and Re-Use Activities At All Manufacturing Plants

  • Pre-consumer recycled content of Eagle’s conventional weight tile is 2-1/2 percent, which is comprised of reject tiles that are reintroduced into the manufacturing process.
  • Pre-consumer recycled content of Eagle’s lightweight roof tile, produced in California and Arizona, is 65%.
  • Trash that cannot be recycled is compacted to reduce landfill volume.
  • Wood tile pallets are repaired and re-used whenever possible.
  • Synthetic oils are used on machinery when possible due to their longer life-span.
  • Engine oil and filters from plant equipment are recycled.
  • All Eagle tile sealers are water based.
  • All wet-mix materials are re-introduced into the manufacturing process, including water and oxides.
  • The tile mold release oil purchased is recycled from restaurant fryers. The oil is vegetable based.
  • A low-NOx process is employed in our tile curing chambers.
  • Industrial wash-down water is recycled and re-used.
  • Energy efficient air compressors reduce energy use by 25% in our Stockton plant.
  • Energy efficient fluorescent lights reduce electrical demand by 68% in our Stockton and Rialto plants.