Rake Seal

Introducing Rake Seal

Designed using UV and weather resistant foam to provide weatherblocking at all rake edges and gable ends, Rake Seal is the only rake wedge in the industry extruded in molds. Available in either direct deck height or batten/Arched Batten height, Rake Seal is an easier and cost-effective alternative to rake trim. It is a practical solution that protects against the elements, while facilitating multiple architectural styles, from modern to traditional.

Features and benefits

  • Made in the USA
  • UV resistant foam provides excellent weatherability
  • Offers a modern look for flat tile installs
  • Facilitates a traditional wood shake or slate look when used with brushed or textured flat tile
  • Easy to Install with fasteners or adhesives
  • Prevents intrusion by weather, debris and animals at the rake edge
  • Rigid construction provides a solid substrate for mortared rake installation
  • Available in two sizes for direct-deck and batten installations


Flexible Foam Rake Wedges Stock # Pieces per box
Rake Seal Direct Deck 8507 100
Rake Seal for Battens 8508 100