Secure Roll


High Quality, Superior Strength Protection you can count on.

Eagle Roofing Products has partnered with our friends at Plioseal™ to provide you with the highest quality
flexible flashing in the market. Secure Roll is made with a tough two layer EPDM surface that is non-toxic
and lead-free, and cleverly created to withstand rain, wind, sun and snow.


#1 Distinguishing Characteristic:  A FULLY-ADHERED BACK

Secure Roll has a double release, fully-adhered back that is extremely moldable and flexible, enabling you
to flash all the significant areas of a roof prior to, during and after tile installation. Other flashings have
narrow strips of adhesive on the back. Not ours. With Secure Roll you get:

  • A fully adhesive back that adds strength and superior wind resistance
  • A hydrophobic adhesive surface that allows installation in wet conditions
  • Greater moldability
  • Easy installation – sticks to itself without tools or heat
  • Ability to apply directly to most construction materials without the need of additional fastening

Additional features and benefits

  • Made in the USA
  • No long waits – In stock and readily available
  • Non-toxic lead alternative
  • Thickest flexible flashing in the industry
  • Paintable EPDM surface
  • Ability to cut and shape it to any size you need
  • UV resistant

Apply Secure Roll to:

  • Head wall detail on all profiles
  • Topical side wall flashing on all profiles
  • Side wall step flashing detail on all profiles
  • Valley soaker & juncture
  • Chimneys & skylights
  • Pitch transitions
  • Penetration flashing detail


Rolls Per Box 2
Roll Size 11 inches x 33 feet
Roll Size 20 inches x 16.5 feet
Thickness 83.5 mils
Weight (P/L) 17 lbs


For more information on Secure Roll

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