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Set yourself apart from the rest by adding beauty and distinction to your roof by designing your own custom color creation. The Signature Blends of Blends line enables you to be creative by combining established Eagle blend colors, in our barrel or flat profiles, to conceive a unique color palette that is completely yours. This specialty installation feature offers the classic look of real clay tiles with natural color blends that allow greater flexibility in creating the most traditional to the most contemporary of roof designs. A hand crafted work of art, we encourage you to go ahead and explore the possibilities.

Achieving the Signature Blends of Blends Appearance

To create your own Signature Blends of Blends look, we encourage you to contact your local Eagle Account Representative who can assist you in this process. Signature Blends of Blends do not come pre-packaged or blended in the pallet and are to be purchased individually. Eagle Roofing Products recommends that you discuss the design effect and percentage of each color with your Roofer, prior to installation, to ensure that you achieve the desired look and that no hot spots (patches of color that undo the blended effect) are created. Your Roofing Contractor is responsible for blending the colors during the loading of and installation of the tiles in order to create the Signature Blends of Blends design, ensuring that the placement of the tile is completed in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

For more information, contact your local Eagle Account Representative:

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Signature Blends of Blends Design Inspiration

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