Secure Roll – Eagle’s Flexible, High-Quality Roof Flashing

Flashing is a crucial component that plays an important role in the composition of a properly installed roof system. It acts as a sealer around the valleys, joints, edges and roof penetrations, keeping water out to prevent damage or leaks. That is why it is crucial to select a product that will provide the upmost protection, like Eagle Roofing Product’s Secure Roll.

Made with a tough two-layer EPDM surface that is non-toxic and lead-free, Secure Roll was cleverly created to withstand rain, wind, sun and snow. Unlike other flashings with narrow strips of adhesive on the back, Secure Roll has a double release, fully-adhered back that is extremely moldable and flexible. This enables the roofing contractor to flash all of the significant areas of the roof prior to, during and even after a concrete roof tile installation. The adhesive is also hydrophobic, which means the product can be installed in wet conditions.

In addition, Secure Roll can be applied directly to most construction materials without the need of extra fasteners and no tools or heat is required upon installation.Once installed, the flashing can be painted to match the color of the concrete tile roof for a seamless finish.

For more information on Secure Roll, contact your local Eagle Account Representative or download the flyer.