One Roof, Unlimited Ideas

When it comes to constructing a beautiful and durable exterior, it’s all in the details. Architects and builders alike strive to bring together distinct design elements in order to create a work of art that is both unique and versatile. A simple way to do this is by combining mixed building materials that add style, depth and dimension to any structure.

One great benefit of concrete roof tile is its innate ability to complement traditional and contemporary architectural styles as well as different building or roofing materials including metal, wood, stone, brick, glass, wrought iron, and so much more. By using concrete roof tile as the featured product and accessorizing it with multifaceted adornment finishes, you can provide your customers with a visually appealing and sustainable result that is rich in curb appeal.

Set yourself apart with your next residential or commercial project

Eagle manufactures a variety of gorgeous barrel and flat-shaped profiles as well as stunning color ranges and blends, which lends a hand in drawing up blueprints and other plans. Depending on the look you’re going for, mixing materials can help achieve your desired aesthetic and ambiance.

If you’re searching for that timeless flair, perhaps Spanish or Mediterranean home and building styles speak to you. Features that complement a traditional barrel tile such as stucco, stone, brick or wrought iron will help mold any silhouette into that classic appearance. On the other hand, fashion a rustic vibe by pairing a wood shake or slate-emulated flat concrete roof tile with hand-crafted stonework or additional wooded ornamentation to highlight an Artisan framework. For a more contemporary feel, it’s all about contrast. Metal accents or roof overhangs allow for simplicity yet paint an elegant portrait for a modern solution. No matter the environment, your next project is sure to be a standout.

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