Have your Heard about our Eagle Seal Premium Underlayment?

Eagle Seal is a premium underlayment that provides reliable performance and superior protection for your roof. This self-adhering roofing and waterproofing underlayment is specifically designed for most roof applications.

Eagle Roofing Products’ new Eagle SealTM premium underlayment provides the durability and reliability home builders, roofing contractors, and homeowners expect from USA-Owned, USA-Made Eagle Roofing Products.  Eagle Seal is a multi-purpose, steep slope, self-adhered roofing and waterproofing underlayment specially designed for concrete, clay tile and metal roofs. Eagle Seal is ideal for both adhesive set and mechanically fastened slope roofs in both new construction and remodeling applications.

Eagle Seal is designed to be extremely durable and easy to install and is a premium quality product designed to provide superior performance and protection under all of our concrete tile products. Eagle Seal provides a combination of dual reinforcement of a “true” polymer modified asphalt compound on the top layer, with an aggressive self-adhesive compound on the bottom layer.  This allows Eagle Seal to expand and contract with a roof while providing reliable performance.

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Tile Roof Installation: Why Training is a Must and Where to Get It

We know that we’re a little biased here at Eagle Roofing, but tile roofing is just plain superior. We really mean it. That is why training is offered to those individuals who want to learn how to properly install a tile roof. Installing a tile roof requires proper training and skill. Nothing that nice is easy to construct, of course. Tile roofs are not only a durable roofing material, but they also add value to your home. Yes, they are more expensive sometimes, but you get what you pay for in the future cost of roof replacement.

Another benefit that we love about tile is that it can endure a lot of what Mother Nature throws at it. First of all, this type of roofing can withstand high winds better and can take a freezing and thawing in any climate.

As you know, tile is very heavy. The best time to install a tile roof is when you’re building a new home because it ensures that the underlying roof structure is strong enough to hold the excessive weight. If you’re tearing off an old shingle roof and you want to install tile, you will want to get a structural report from an engineer first. Many standard roofs, built to accommodate regular shingles, may not be strong enough to support tiles.

If you are interested in installing a tile roof properly, contact our friends at the Tile Roofing Institute (TRI). They offer classes all over the United States to help people learn how to meet or exceed industry guidelines. Knowing how to install a tile roof properly can help to reduce or eliminate call backs. They believe that todays consumers are more sophisticated and demanding and expect trades-people, including tile roofing installers, to have trade certification. The training they provide uses professional instructors to show you how to not only properly install a tile roof, but to help your company’s performance in all areas such as workmanship, efficiency, best practices, and code compliance.

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