Tapered Slate

If you are looking for a roof that is exquisite, eye-catching and unlike anything else available, then our Artisan Tapered Slate Collection is for you! Featuring rich, traditional slate tones in charcoal, green, burgundy, black and copper, our Tapered Slate tiles flaunt vibrant hues and beautiful color transitions. Another unique feature? Tapered sides and butt nocks that create a distinctive appearance that will dramatically enhance any style roof. See for yourself! Ask your local representative for a free sample today.

Tiles per 100 sq ft
with 3” headlap

Approx installed
weight field tile
per 100 sq ft

Roof Outline

49717 Nottingham – Gray, Burgundy, Black, Green Flashed

49717 Nottingham, Staggered

49718 Catskill – Moss Green, Dark Green, Green, White Flashed

49718 Catskill, Staggered

49719 Wales – Gray, Burgundy, Copper, Gray Flashed

49719 Wales, Staggered

49720 Graystone – Gray, Yellow, Copper, Black Flashed

49720 Graystone, Staggered

49721 Brownstone – Mocha Tan, Brown, Gray, Green Flashed

49721 Brownstone, Staggered